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Jordan Abfalter Jordan Abfalter

Team Little League 2-Sturt

Playing No 9

Nickname and why ? "George", shortened for Jordan

Playing History
commenced with Sturt Tee Ball 2008 season

Positions 2nd Base, Shortstop

Age : 10 years old

Occupation Professional student, part-time rock star

Marital Status Single but looking

Favourite Food KitKat

Favourite Drink Chocolate with strawberries and marshmallows milkshake

Favourite Pastime Playing PSP Go MLB World Series

Favourite Movie Sandlot 1, 2 & 3

Favourite number 9

Favourite Colour Double Blues

Likes in baseball Hitting home runs

Dislikes in baseball Playing outfield

Favourite Team mate and why ? Sam Stewart because he laughs a lot

Ambition in baseball To play 2nd base for the San Francisco Giants

Who would you like to invite to dinner and why ? Paul Mildren, because he's my hero

What do you like about the club ? It's No. 1, and the people are great

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