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Robbie Brennan Robbie Brennan

Team Little League Minor Div 2 Sturt

Nickname and why ? Robbie

Playing History
2010 Little League Minor Div 2 Sturt and Sturt T-ball for 3 years

Positions Pitcher

Age 8

Occupation Student

Marital Status Not yet

Favourite Food Chocolate

Favourite Drink Creaming Soda

Favourite Pastime Pitching in the backyard with brother Henry

Favourite Movie Home Alone

Favourite number 30

Favourite Colour Rainbow

Likes in baseball Everything

Dislikes in baseball Left Field

Favourite Team mate and why ? Jordan Abfalter- because hes a good thrower

Ambition in baseball To be in the state team like Stuart (brother (13)) and to travel everywhere including Guam in the Australian Team.

Who would you like to invite to dinner and why ? Jordan McArdle- from Sturt baseball club because he is a good player

What do you like about the club ? Its the best team in South Australia

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