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Sturt Presentation Awards

Our Club held its Presentation Day on Saturday 7th April 2018 with the Juniors Awards held in the afternoon, lamb on the spit for tea and then the Senior Presentation Night.

Special thanks to Andrew Vidale who came up with the concept of having the shared dinner and for all his hard work managing the spit. Thanks also to Mark Richmond and his family for so helping cook the lamb and serving.

Thank you to Jeff Nicholas for your assistance with logistics.

As always Rosanna's work behind the bar is greatly appreciated.

Our major club Award winners were as follows:

President's Award
Jared Holland

Josh Deegan Award
Nick Borello

David Hutton Award
Brodie Macbeth (Senior)
Zachary Altamura (Junior)

Team Awards were as follows:

Division 1
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Jordan McArdle
Batting Award: Jordan McArdle
Best Team Man: Josh Tindall
Josh Deegan Award Nominee: David and Trudy Lightbody

Division 2
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Brodie MacBeth
Batting Award: Brandon Russo
Most consistent - Alex Hopton
Josh Deegan Award Nominee: Adam Kerr

Division 3
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Austin McClure
Most Improved: Liam Lucas
Best Team Man: Mick Trlin
Josh Deegan Award Nominee: Nick Borello

Division 4
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Ben Packer
Batting Award: Pat Burns
Most Improved: Jess Lemon
Josh Deegan Award Nominee: Jimmy Passmore

Division 5
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Darren French
MVP Runner up: Stan Warrilow
Coaches Award: Hamish Hill
Josh Deegan Nominee: Mark Richmond

Division 6
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Rick "RAT" Trembath
MVP Runner Up - Travis "Huey" Lewis
Coaches Award - Brandon "Baby Q" Weber
Josh Deegan Nominee: Rick Trembath

Division 7
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Justin Ranford
MVP runner up = Justin McKinley
Best team man = Benny
Josh Deegan Nominee: Joel Edwards.

Under 17/1- Sturt
Co-MVP: Jonas Garcia
Co-MVP: Josh Vidale
Best Team Man: Luke Warburton
Most Improved Player: Joel Edwards
Josh Deegan Nomination: Luke Warburton

Under 15/1- Sturt
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Zac Becker
Batting Trophy - Ethan Dawson
Coaches Award - Will Jordans
Josh Deegan Award Nominee: Lachlan Seekamp

Under 15/2- Sturt
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Jamie Vidale
Most Consistent: Spencer Warrilow
Most Improved: Tyler Stephens
Josh Deegan Award Nominee: Spencer Warrilow

Under 15/2- Saints
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Angus Catt
MVP Runner Up - Ryder Mathers
Most Improved - Angela Mourtzios
Josh Deegan Award Nominee: Angela Mourtzios

Little League 2 - Sturt (U13)
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Zachary Altamura
Runner up MVP - Harry Hutton
Most improved - Lachlan Kent
Josh Deegan Nominee: Oscar Levinson

Little League Sturt (U11)
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Kale Matthews-Hampton
Batting Award: Joshua Holland
Best Team Man - Angus Hennessey
Josh Deegan Nominee: Sam Horley

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Grand Final Edition 20/03/18

Congratulations to Under 15/2 - Sturt and to Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) for both being Premiers for the 2017/18 season! Commiserations to Div 4 who had an outstanding season but unfortunately just missed out on a Grand Final win! Congratulations to Div 2 who also had a great season but missed out on a place in the Grand Final.

Congratulations to Baseball SA Youth MVP Medal winners U13 Div 2 - Zach Altamura (Sturt) and U15 Div 2 - Angus Catt (Sturt)!

Please mark in your diaries our Junior and Senior Presentation Day which will be held on Saturday 7th April 2018. Details are on our website or via our Facebook page.

For those of you new to the club, please join our Twitter feed, at Follow @sturt_baseball and our Facebook page.  You can also follow us on Instagram  and Youtube!


The Sturt Baseball Club thanks all of our sponsors for their generous support. If you require further information on sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Manager Jeff Nicholas on 0419 824 324.

Division 2 (Coach: Tom Faehse/Paul Holmes)

Kensington 9 d Sturt 5

Division 4 (Coach: Tom Winter)

Grandfinal: Sturt 9 East Torrens 16

After losing the Preliminary Final last year, the boys were hungry this year to go all the way and finish what was started 2 years ago. The final step was to take on minor premiers East Torrens.

We started the game well, picking up 2 runs in the first off the back of good hitting from Patty Burns and Ben Bicknell, however East Torrens managed to take the lead straight back scoring 3. The rest of the game was a hard fought too and throw but we just could over come the East Torrens bats.

We managed to pick up consistent runs through out the game, scoring in 6 of the 9 digs, however every time we got close ET managed to get back away.

Ben Packer took the ball for his first finals starting appearance and battled hard against a formidable hitting line up, Pat Burns then took the ball for 2 digs and Timmy Boundy finished off the game. Our Pitchers should be very proud of there finals campaigns, after 2 big finals they were obviously sore and battled hard for us.

Hitting wise we weren't 2 bad either, we picked up 14 hits for the day and crossed 9 runs over the plate. Pat Burns and Dale Martens were the pick of the bunch collecting 3 hits each HITS; Burns, Martens 3, Passmore, Bicknell 2, Nicks, Crutchley, Packer, Boundy 1.

Unfortunately sometimes in baseball and sport in general!! You just have to tip your hat and concede you were beaten by a better team on the day. The boys didn't do a whole lot wrong and we probably would have beaten any other team on the day.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came out to watch, wives, girlfriends, kids, parents, friends and club members, special mention to the Div 2 boys who raced all the way from the club after there game.

We have come so close now 2 years in a row, but the boys are still hungry to go that step further!!! We will be back!! Bigger and better next year!


Under 15/2 - Sturt (Coach: Mark Richmond/Andrew Vidale)

Sturt      1 1 3 3 2 x (10)
Pt Adelaide 0 0 0 0 1 0 (1)

Inspired by the U13/2's Grand Final win in the preceding game the boys played a near perfect 5 ½ innings, galloping home with a victory that was sealed from the outset.

This was another fantastic effort by a team that have played the whole season in the best spirit possible, they are enthusiastic, supportive of all their team mates and certainly capable of great baseball when they focus. Like any game there were a few calls that didn't go our way but they just shook them off and got on with the game, which is a sign of how everyone has matured this year.

Offensively, the boys played their usual game, hitting hard, running aggressively and forcing the errors from the Magpie's defense. Of 31 plate appearances we had 7K's, 8 walks, we got bat on ball 16 times including 10 hits, we stole 10 bases, took the Port pitchers deep in the count on many occassions and everybody contributed to the task of advancing the runners one base at a time to add to the tally. Defensively we played a near perfect game with only one minor error in the 5th.

Austin Parkinson had the game of his life throwing 86 pitches in 6 innings for 8 K's, 3 BB's, only 1 hit and no earned runs! He kicked off a 1-3 3-6 double in the 5th and then went 2 from 3 at bat including 3 RBI's - way to go champ!

Tyler Stephens was an impenetrable wall at 2nd, a line drive catch off the 1st batter set the standard which culminated in 6 additional assists including all three outs in the 4th.

Jack Gooden left the best till last and also had the game of his life taking a spectacular catch at RF in the 2nd with runners on which denied the Maggies two certain runs.

Jake Mossman was typically solid behind the dish all game, and kept us entertained with his usual base running antics, enticing Pt into a run down with 2 out in the 4th which ended with Jake plating another run and cheers erupting from the Sturt dugout.

Spencer continued to set the standard as our lead off, with consistent batting to LF and strong base running setting the opportunity for the middle of the order to do their bit and bring him home.

Finn Pannell and Seb Warr worked hard at the plate going 22 and 14 pitches respectively in 3 plate appearances each, and together were responsible for nearly 1/3rd of the Port pitch count!

Callum continued to make solid contact with the bat, and despite his frustration at a ground out to SS and a fly out to RF did the job of advancing the runners and scoring runs when needed!

Alas, by mercying the Maggies we denied Big Jimmy A the chance to repeat last week's batting success, but his defensive game was on the money backing up every play to 1st.

Jamie continued to hit hard going 3 from 4 including 2 doubles, one of which was seen to roll through the cones by nobody except the base umpire…

It was always going to be a tough game for Pt Adelaide who were without their best pitcher but as usual they played the game in the best of spirits and despite the score kept their heads up and played hard baseball to the end.

To everyone that has contributed to the journey this year we say a huge thankyou for your support and we hope to see you all back next year for a tilt at another flag!

Hits: Jamie (2 x 2b, single), Spencer (2b, single), Austin & Jake (2), Callum & Jack (1)
Runs: Spencer, Callum & Jake (2), Austin, Jamie, Tyler & Jack (1)
RBIs: Austin (3), Callum & Jamie (2)

Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) (Coach: Nick Borello/Tom Becker)

Sturt 8 defeated Goodwood 7

We were four-nil down in the third inning with the parents starting to lose hope and pack away their celebratory lollies. Fast forward another three innings and the boys were ecstatic with a walk off grand final win. What more do I need to say?

I'll set the scene for you. The Sturt boys are coming off a blowout win against our rivals, Henley and Grange. However, Goodwood have had an outstanding season as well as a top notch finals campaign. Nevertheless, we finished on top and we have the momentum, but Goodwood are the second place underdogs who were hungry for the win. However, both teams were going in blind with it being our first encounter with Goodwood due to a heat-out earlier in the season.

Some early morning rain meant a dodgy mound with a large puddle just in front of it. Some patchwork from Frank and Andrew injected some life back into it with Zach giving his nod of approval. Zach was given the new ball and the pressure of starting a grand final match. Nevertheless, Zach took it in his stride and got off to a magnificent start with 2 strikeouts, a groundball out and most importantly, no runs allowed. Things were looking good.

Harry Hutton who is leading the team in on base percentage was our leadoff hitter today. A 5 pitch at-bat resulting in walk to Hutton meant the coach's plan was going perfectly. Not for long though with Max and Jack going down to some dodgy looking strikes and Oscar flying out to first base. Unable to get a run to back up Zach on the mound was a bit off a punch in the gut for the team. Nonetheless, we had a chance and were hungry for more.

The second inning was when the nerves started to kick in after a lead off blooper into right field and a walk meant the Goodwood Indians had 2 runners on base and looking to capitalise. A strikeout and a groundball later allowed the two lucky runners to scramble their way into scoring position. A loud crack of the bat from their number 9 hitter saw a soaring fly ball heading straight for Jack. As you know, the morning sun and a pop up fly don't mix, with Jack unfortunately able to read it. Two runs in and then another one after a hit up the middle meant the boys were 3-nil down. Zach got us out of the jam but Zach didn't have much time to rest, after a bullet up the middle from Lachlan but then 3 strikeouts against us with many of the boys struggling to catch up to the pace of the ball. Definitely a tough inning for Frank and myself to chew and swallow.

Another run in the third against Zach after a lucky base hit meant it was 4-nil game and the Goodwood Indians were looking to close in on the game. Being down 4-nil, I think the time had come to have a chat to the boys. After making it clear that the game could easily slip away from us, the boys decided it was time to start chipping away at this 4 run boulder that lied in front of us. A cracking shot to centerfield from Oscar and a ground rule double from Zach brought some nerves to the opposing picture. After some errors and walks, Zach and Oscar had crossed the plate and kept us in the competition.

Zach was still going strong into the 4th inning with intentions of finishing what he had started. A no run, 3 strikeout inning from Zach was a key moment of the game as it gave the boys some much needed confidence and hope going into the later stages of the game. This is when the game took a sudden turn and got the crowd up off of their seats. Harry Hutton led off the bottom of the 4th with an ear-aching double up the middle. Max and got a piece of the bat on the ball with a shot to centre before Oscar kept his cracker of day going by following suit with a shot up the middle to get the runners home. By then the starting pitcher was as rattled as a teenager sitting an exam which meant the Goodwood coach had to give him the hook. The new pitcher came on composed but wasn't composed for long after Zach took one deep to left field for a single to bring Oscar in. Zach made his way home after a timely ground out to Jack Becker. Yep, you counted correctly, that's 4 runs and we were up by two.

I gave Zach the first batter of the 5th, hoping he could get an out to give the closer some confidence. Zach did just that by striking out the hitter and giving Harry just 2 outs to work with. Zach was amazing today after struggling in some previous matches. He did what the starting pitcher had to do by going deep into the game and only giving up a mere 4 runs against a side who had beat a team by 29-2 in the regular season (no typo, that's a 27 run win from them according to Baseball SA). He ended his day with 85 pitches thrown and a whopping 10 strikeouts. Harry had some big shoes to fill but didn't even show any nerves with a strikeout and a groundball to end the innings. Great stuff Harry and Zach!

Two runs up and time for some classic wishful thinking with Frank and I by planning to end the game with a quick and easy 4 runs. That didn't last long with three ground outs later and we were back into the field. Things got even worse after an error, handful of walks and a lucky base hit off Harry brought in 3 runs. Yes, somehow 7-6 down and it was time for my "it's now or never" speech. So much for putting the game out of reach.

Oscar Levinson was having himself a day with batt after yet another base hit. Zach cranked a fastball into centre field and the opposing pitched was trying to keep himself together with the winning run now on base. Jack was having a rough day with the bat up until it mattered after he earnt himself an infield single to load up the bases. No outs, tying run is now on third. Drew, coming off cold of the bench was unlucky not to get a hit after the pitched cranked up the pace on the ball to strikeout Drew. Ciaran had a wonderful at-bat which resulted in a walk to bring in Oscar. A sigh of relief for Frank and I, but we wanted to end this rollercoaster of a game for good with one out, the most aggressive runner in the team now on the third, and only one run needed to put this one in the books. Lachlan Kent, the specialist second basemen who has grown to love his number 8 spot was now up to bat. Lachlan who was in some tremendous form didn't even show a single nerve as he hit the ball hard on the ground to get Zach home and win the game! What a game and what a finish!

It was a tough game to choose any standout players as everyone did their part in getting the premiership. It's important to realise that those of you who had an average game to remember that you all did your part in getting the flag by playing in all the games leading up to the grand final. A few names worth mentioning today were Harry and Zach who will go down in the Sturt history books as one of the best junior pitching duos, Oscar who went 3 for 4 with 3 runs, Max for catching amazingly today and our entire finals campaign, Ciaran for bringing in the tying run and Lachlan for getting the walk off base hit. Again, I cannot stress this enough that everyone did their part today to win, even the boys who were on the bench - I thought you boys were very helpful and did the duties that had to be done.

Also would like to say that it has been a pleasure to coach such a great group of players and I think there was some real talent in the team. You have all improved and learned to play as a team. The team played with determination all season and today to produce one of the best games of baseball I had ever been a part of!

Thank you to all the parents who have helped out in the season, the under 15 boys who created some big noise in the final inning of today's game, Sally and Malene for scoring this season, Mark Hutton for coaching during my absence and of course, the manager, professional first base coach and my right hand man all season, Frank Altamura.

3 - Oscar Levinson, Zach Altamura (2B), 2 - Lachlan Kent, Harry Hutton, 1 - Jack Becker and Max Becker.
Runs Scored
3 - Oscar Levinson, Zach Altamura, 1 - Harry Hutton and Max Becker.

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Newsletter 13/03/18 + Finals Schedule

We are now at the pointy end of the season! On Saturday Division 2 will have a home final against Kensington at 11.00 am for a place in next weekend's Grand Final! Also on Saturday, Division 4 will play off for Premiership glory against East Torrens at East Torrens at 1.00 pm.

Sunday will see Sturt host two junior Grand Finals- commencing at 10.00 am with Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) playing Goodwood, followed by Under 15/2 - Sturt playing Port Adelaide at 1.00 pm.

Good luck to all our teams who have made it through!

Please mark in your diaries our Junior and Senior Presentation Day which will be held on Saturday 7th April 2018. Details are on our website or via our Facebook page.

For those of you new to the club, please join our Twitter feed, at Follow @sturt_baseball and our Facebook page.  You can also follow us on Instagram  and Youtube!


The Sturt Baseball Club thanks all of our sponsors for their generous support. If you require further information on sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Manager Jeff Nicholas on 0419 824 324.

Division 2 (Coach: Tom Faehse/Paul Holmes)

Sturt 10 d Woodville 8

It was a hard fought battle to kick off our finals campaign on Sunday. Woodville left it all on the park but it wasn't enough to get the better of us. After going down by three runs in the top of the second, the boys took advantage of some wayward pitching in the bottom half of the inning in which the first five hitters got on base from a hit by pitch and four walks. Paul Holmes picked up a hit to left field that cleared the bases and gave us the lead 5-3. We weren't done there with Will Wirth and Adam Kerr picking up RBI hits to see us extend the lead 7-3 before the end of the inning. For the next 3 inning we could only manage to add 1 run to our tally as the Woodville relievers tried to wrestle back some momentum. Tindall continued strongly on the mound and held Woodville to see us go into the 6th inning 8-3 up. Woodville weren't quite ready to lay down and fought back adding 3 runs to the score board and putting some pressure on us. Tindall held strong and got us out of the inning but not after Woodville closed the gap to 2 runs. Simon Adkins used his speed to lead off the inning, beating out a ground ball to first base, to give us a strong chance to hit right back on the score board. And that we did thanks to Paul Holmes belting a two run home run to give us a bit of breathing room, the home run capping off a 3 hit day from the Veteran.

Going in to the 7th Brodie Macbeth took the hill to relieve Tinny. After conceding a lead off walk, Wilson Lee hit a two run home run to breath some more life into the Woodville lineup. Brodie was up to the challenge and retired the next three hitters with the game sitting at 10-8. We couldn't manage to add any runs in our next two attempts, but it didn't matter. Brodie held Woodville in the 8th and Damon Arnold came in to close out the game convincingly and giving us the win! We will take on Kensington @ Sturt on Saturday at 11am for a chance to go into the grand final.

Division 4 (Coach: Tom Winter)

Sturt 25 d Southern Districts 7

Under 15/1 - Sturt (Coach: Jack Dawson/Mitch Dawson)

Henley & Grange 9 d Sturt 1

Under 15/2 - Sturt (Coach: Mark Richmond/Andrew Vidale)

Sturt 18 d Saints 10

Semi Final 11/3/2018

Sturt 2 1 3 7 3 2 (18)
Saints 1 2 0 0 4 3 (10)

On another glorious Sunday at Norman Reserve we squared off against the Saints for the 4th time this season in the game we'd hoped would not arrive until the big dance next week.

Our stragey was simple; focus on our own game, play the best we could and keep our heads up no matter what - and we achieved all three!

We got off to a great start striking out the lead batter, but two walks, a passed 3rd strike and a fielding error later we started to get nervous - were our mates across the diamond working their magic and psyching us out again?. But no, the lads kept their heads up and worked through the nerves getting the 2nd out at the plate on an attempted steal followed by another K to send us out to bat.

Spencer started us off with a single to CF, but a strike out and a ground out for the 2nd and 3rd batters had our run looking in doubt. Jamie and Jake singled to RF and with Spencer and Jamie crossing the plate we were getting up some momentum. Alas, Tyler fell to a great catch at SS by Angus but not before adding 8 to the pitch count.

Top of the 2nd played out in a similar fashion to the first as the boys were still clearly grappling with nerves. A strike-out followed by a walk, a hit, a balk and a wild throw saw the Saints add 2 to their tally before we headed back out to bat. Singles to Finn and Spencer managed to get us 1 more run to keep the score level at 3 each at the end of the 2nd innings but the spark was missing.

Third innings and more focussed pitching from Jamie backed up by solid fielding held the Saints scoreless and we headed into the bottom of the 3rd still tied! Austin led off and was unlucky in a 9 pitch battle, but then the middle of the order fired up, stringing together 5 consecutive hits to take the score to 6-3.

With the momentum building we held the Saints scoreless again in the 4th and followed up with sensational batting. Eleven consecutive batters made contact with only 2 ground outs and we added 7 more runs to take the score to 13-3!

The Saints rallied in the 5th adding 3 runs to their score before Spencer took over from Jamie giving up just 1 more run to close out the top of the innings at 13-7. The middle of the Sturt order fired up again with singles to Jamie and Jake adding 3 more runs and we ended the 5th innings 16-7 up.

To their credit the Saints kept up the fight, capitalising on 2 walks and a wild throw to add three more runs and narrow the gap to 16-10. Bottom of the 6th and we were back to the top of the the order A single to Spencer got us going and a walk to Callum put us tantalisingly close to the winning run. Austin doubled to RF but a fantastic 9-3-2 play by Shannon saved the day and kept the Saints hopes alive a bit longer. With the middle of the order batting close to .900 for the day and runners on 2nd and 3rd there was simply too much momentum and a walk-off double clinched the game at 18-10.

A team batting average of .553, for the day was certainly exciting, but the postive attitude, enthusiasm and team spirit was the real highlight of the day.

Congratulations to the whole team for a well deserved spot in next week's final. We are playing Pt Adelaide at home at 1pm straight after the U13/2's - hope to see you all there for both games.

Hits: Jamie (5), Spencer (4), Jake (3), Callum, Austin, Finn & Seb (2), Tyler (1)
Runs: Jamie (4), Finn (3), Spencer, Callum, Jake & Tyler (2), Austin & James (1)
RBIs: Jamie (4), Jake & Seb (3), Spencer & Austin (2), Callum, Tyler, Finn & James (1)

Under 15/2 - Saints (Coach: Tony Catt/Stan Warrilow)

Saints 10 Sturt 18

Playing in an elimination final against our training mates was always going to be a challenge given how well we knew each others game. Our aim was to bring our best game and let the cards fall as they may.

All season the pitching goal has been to pound the zone and limit the free passes. Ryder and Angela threw over 70 per cent strikes with no walks. Couldn't ask for more.

Sturt's attacking intentions were clear from the start. This was going to be a high contact affair so controlling the runners and fielding was going to be critical and a little luck would be helpful.

We did a great job of limiting Sturt to well under a steal per base runner.

A couple of bleeders into shallow left and right worked to Sturt's benefit so luck didn't quite fall our way.

We also needed to be efficient in the field but we didn't take all our chances and these unearned runs proved costly.

Hits came from Lachie H, Lachie S, Samson, Ryder, Angela and Nick but we couldn't string them together in the 3rd and 4th innings as the game went from 3-3 to almost out of reach.

Like all season, we created scores from aggressive base running with each base runner generating a steal. This created pressure for Sturt's pitchers with five balks called.

Despite being outhit, our ten runs were the most scored against Sturt this season.

The season has been successful in giving development opportunities to those who wanted them. It has been a pleasure to see this growth over the summer.

Good luck to Sturt in the Grand Final.

Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) (Coach: Nick Borello/Tom Becker)

Sturt 16 defeated Henley and Grange 7

The saying I've always believed is 'things come in threes'. Well that proved to be truthful today after our third win against the Rams which ended up being a 9 run blowout that showcased the great degree of improvement from everyone in the team!

A good crowd and a league umpire along with the picturesque field that the club is lucky to have, really gave a good atmosphere to this week's semi-final clash. Our previous encounters with the Rams have proven to be 1 run nail bitters that have never ceased to get the crowd on the edge of their seats. After a 30 minute delay things got underway with the great Harry Hutton on the mound. Harry began by hitting a batter and walking the next which unfortunately meant a happy Henley and Grange coach with 2 lucky hitters coming across the plate. He wasn't happy for long though as the mighty Saints were getting ready to bat after Harry struck his way out of the innings.

Max Becker began his beauty of a day with a big triple into left field. Oscar got him home with a base hit up the middle before the core of the line-up got to work. Zach, Jacob and Jack all picked up hits before Yeoryi, Lachlan and Ciaran all picked up walks. To cut to the chase, the umpire had to send us into the field after a huge 5 run batting masterclass from the boys. Yep, 3 runs up after the first inning and that grand final game was in their sights.

The 2nd inning was the highlight of the day for me. Harry found his rhythm by striking out 2 hitters in a row before the incredible play that woke up the crowd. A man on second base being waved all the way home after a cracking shot to Yeoryi in centre field was stopped at the plate after Yeoryi relayed the ball to Zach who then threw a bullet teaser to Max behind the plate who put his head down and blocked the runner. Top effort from Yeoryi, Zach and Max. There were more than just a few cheers after that beauty.

The boys backed up the great defence with some solid hitting after hits were granted to Max, Zach, Oscar and Jack who all made their way around the diamond to cross the plate and put the Saints 7 up on the scoreboard.

Harry pitched an excellent game today. His final inning was one I know he'd like to forget but nevertheless it definitely didn't rain on his parade. His final stats read 4 strikeouts, 75 pitches, 6 runs allowed and of course, the big fat win. Zach relived in the third inning but unfortunately the inevitable happened, the mighty Saints were forced to leave the field after the maximum 5 runs was scored by the Rams for the first time in the season. However, that was the only negative in today's cracker of a game.

The boys kept batting well by scoring 3 in the 3rd and another 3 in the 4th. With Zach finding his groove and shutting out the Rams through 2 innings, the umpire called the game and the mighty Saints left the field victorious. Zach was really in some great form today with his day ending with 6 strikeouts and only 47 pitches thrown.

The stand out of the day was Jack Becker. Jack Becker had a day to remember scoring 3 runs and going 3 for 4 with a homer in the 3rd. A real standout player today and a player I'm sure the opposing pitcher began to fear.

The game today truly has shown how much the boys have improved over the season. The quality pitching from the Rams which used to overpower the boys but not anymore, with 16 runs on our side of the scoreboard. Special mention to Oscar Levinson who took a ball to the nose with a fair bit of blood showing. It was just a few minutes on the bench for Oscar before he was begging to go back to his home over at first base. Also I would like to mention the boys who could only have a half game today by saying that it is difficult when you cannot be out there but I was very pleased with the way you boys stayed involved in the game by helping out and supporting you fellow team mates.

I think we all know what's upon us next Sunday, yep, the Grand Final. These don't come often, I can assure you that, so make sure the boys are keen and ready to go. A couple of YouTube clips of the 'World Series Highlights', an early night before the game and the soundtrack from Rocky playing in the car on the way to the field, and I think we'll have ourselves one great game.

Thank you once again to Sally Edwards who scored at such late notice, Josh for pitch count, the parents for coming out to support and Frank for coaching first base. Hope to see some good numbers at our final training of the season!

3 - Jack Becker (HR), 2 - Max Becker (3B)(2B), Zach Altamura (2 2B), Oscar Levinson, 1 - Jacob Willans
Runs Scored
3 - Harry Hutton, Oscar Levinson, Jack Becker, 2 - Zach Altamura, Max Becker, 1 - Jacob Willans, Yeoryi Perentes, Lachlan Kent

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Newsletter 06/03/18

A big weekend commencing on Friday night with our Quiz Night! Thanks to everyone who came to support our club! Special thanks to our Quiz master Wallace Long and to Adam Kerr for arranging the event to raise badly needed funds for our club! Thanks also to our generous sponsors who donated prizes!

Finals action commenced on Saturday with Division 4 defeating West Torrens. Unfortunately our Division 5 boys bowed out of finals going down to Henley and Grange, 7-3.

On Sunday our juniors all made it through to the next round of finals! Well done boys!

Division 2 is seeing finals action for the first round of finals this coming weekend!

A finals schedule will be sent out by separate communication once the schedule is finalised!

Best of luck to all our teams playing finals this weekend!

Please mark in your diaries our Junior and Senior Presentation Day which will be held on Saturday 7th April 2018. Details are on our website or via our Facebook page.

For those of you new to the club, please join our Twitter feed, at Follow @sturt_baseball and our Facebook page.  You can also follow us on Instagram  and Youtube!


The Sturt Baseball Club thanks all of our sponsors for their generous support. If you require further information on sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Manager Jeff Nicholas on 0419 824 324.

Division 1 (Coach:Tom Brice)

Sturt 16 d Adelaide 4

Division 2 (Coach: Tom Faehse/Paul Holmes)

Sturt 5 d Adelaide 4

With a potential finals spot on the line for both teams on Sunday, there was a finals type feeling about the game. Quality pitching for both teams saw the first inning come and go with little trouble for the scorers until Adelaide broke the dead lock in the bottom of the second scoring 3 runs curtesy of two walks and un timely errors. Pleasingly we managed to compose our selves in the field and made every play that came our way and Tindall only allowing 1 base runner to reach over the next 5 inning. Offensively we managed to put one run up in the fourth thanks to some heads up base running by Matt MacBeth and a two out single from Will Wirth. We kept the pressure on in the fifth with runners on and capitalized on a two out error by Adelaide to tie the game 3-3. The top of the sixth we again had runners on, but a couple of base running brain fades almost cost us the chance to take the lead. With two out, Damon Arnold singled and stole second to put himself in scoring position. The veteran Adam Kerr went to work at the plate and on the ninth pitch of the at bat, smashed a triple to center left to give us the lead 4-3.

Our last score of the game came thanks to another long ball to the new Sturt power hitter Matt MacBeth, his third in three games! So, with time nearly up we entered the bottom of the last inning with a two run lead and needing 3 outs to secure a home final. Adelaide's nine hole hitter got lucky on a swinging bunt and ended up with a safe hit and advanced to second on a wild throw. With a two-run lead this run didn't mean anything to us and we looked for the first out with the next hitter. Another wild throw on a ground ball saw the game get interesting with Adelaide scoring a run and another runner on second base in scoring position. Adelaide attempted to bunt the runner to third base, but a poor bunt back to the pitcher saw a chance for us to get the lead runner. Unfortunately for us, the call didn't go our way and Adelaide had their tails up. This had us in a tough position with none out and runners on first and third and up by one run. Tindall, doing what he had done all day, wasn't going to let Adelaide get it easy and went to work. With two strikes on the hitter, he managed to put the ball in play, but couldn't get it passed Damon Arnold outstretched glove at third base making the catch for the first out. With the runner at first getting too far off the base, Damo was up and through the runner out for the second out. In the meantime the runner at third had tagged up and was now heading for home. With the play at first done the throw to home was on it's way, and Brandon Russo made the tag for the final out of the game. A TRIPLE PLAY! What a way to end a game and secure our spot in the finals. A great effort by all the boys and especially Josh Tindall who threw all eight inning for 3 hits and 1 earned run.

It looks like we'll take on Woodville at home on Saturday in the first week of finals. Keep an eye out for the scheduled time to be released and come out and support the boys!

HITS: MacBeth(HR), Kerr 2, Wirth, Arnold, Russo 1.

Division 4 (Coach: Tom Winter)

Sturt Defeated West Torrens 10-7

So after the finish of the minor round we found ourselves in 3rd spot and the task of taking on West Torrens in the first final. Patty Burns took the mound and was unscathed through the first 2 digs, Stu Crutchley got our hitting away in the bottom of the 2nd, with a hard shot to left field. However after 2 it was. 0-0 game. The 3rd is where it went slightly wrong for us, a walk and 4 hits saw West Torrens take a 4-0 lead. A lead of hit from Pat Burns then a timely double from Craig Nicks saw us post our first run in the 4th. We followed with runs in the 6th and the 7th from some quality hitting from Dale Martens, Ryan Mattschoss and Jess Lemon. We headed into the bottom of the 8th will a one run deficit, that's where it went down hill for West Torrens, good quality at bats, a little luck and some superb base running from both Lemon and Crutchley saw us pile on 7 runs to finally run out 10-7 winners.

The hitting was a little off early but the boys managed to rally and get the job done. Both Pat and Benny Packer were great on the hill

We take on Souths this Saturday at Souths (our home game) for a spot in the Big Dance the following week.

Go Saints!!

Division 5 (Coach: Adrian Hill)

ST    0,2,0,0,1,0,0 = 3
H&G 0,0,2,2,0,3 = 7

Our season came to an end on Saturday with an infamous loss in the elimination final at Henley. With the Dominator ( Dominic Hodges ) on the mound for the maroon's,runs would be hard to come by and so it proved. We were 3 up 3 down in the first and so where they,courtesy of 3 deep fly outs caught on the warning track. We then manufactured 2 runs in the second from an error, a bunt, a wild throw and a Jonas double to take the lead. Frenchy was well supported by his field at this stage but then things went a bit south from there on. A 2 out 2 RBI single by H&G squared it up in the 3rd and then they took the lead in the bottom of the 4th.Frenchy doubled in the top of the 5th and came home on a single to Hammer and we were still in the game.The bottom of the 6th things went pear shaped ,with a couple of wild throws and some timely hits the Maroons plated 3 runs and the Dominator closed out the game not before Colonel came into pinch hit and picked up one of our 4 hits with a single up the middle. A fair effort by the lads against the best pitcher in the competition.Overall a brilliant season return to the 5's competition after a 3 year hiatus.Thanks to our band of loyal supporters and to Jodie for keeping us in check. Looking forward to next season now.

Hits: Frenchy, Hammer, Jonas, Colonel

Under 15/1 - Sturt (Coach: Jack Dawson/Mitch Dawson)

Sturt 4 def Goodwood 1

Our first finals opponent couldn't have been any tougher coming up against Goodwood who over the course of the season became our rivals after a couple of very close encounters. With the series levelled at 1-1 after the regular season, this is where it all counts and the boys came into the game as hungry as ever, knowing we had what it took to win the ballgame.

With the bats we were outstanding from the beginning, putting on pressure by getting on base regularly. Unfortunately we weren't able to capitalize in the first couple of innings, however, Zac Becker was a force on the mound, giving the team a whole lot of confidence in the field.

In the 3rd inning we were able to make the breakthrough at the plate on the back of a leadoff double to Angus Catt and an RBI single to Will Jordans giving us a 1-0 lead. This was short lived as Goodwood equalized off some questionable calls and multiple errors in the field. to our boys credit, they didn't let this poor inning get to their head as they might've done earlier in the season, every single one of them rose to the occasion and kept the intensity at a high.

The boys went on to score 3 runs over the 4th and 5th innings with hits from Lachie Seekamp, Spencer Warrilow and Angus Catt to give us a lead of 4-1 heading into the last inning.

After Zac Becker went 5.2 innings with 9 strikouts and only 2 hits against him, Angus Catt was called upon to put the game to bed and he did just that, facing 4 batters in 1.1 innings getting the 4 outs needed in only 11 pitches to record the save.

An outstanding game from every one of our players, we are looking in great form as we come up against an undefeated team in Henley and Grange this Sunday.

Hits: Will Jordans, Lachie Seekamp, Angus Catt 2, Ethan Dawson, Jake Mossman, Spencer Warrilow 1
Stolen Bases: Jamie Vidale 3, Ethan Dawson, Will Jordans, Jake Mossman, Lachie Seekamp, Angus Catt 1

Under 15/2 - Sturt (Coach: Mark Richmond/Andrew Vidale)

Sturt      4 1 3 3 0 1 x (12)
Kensington 0 1 1 1 1 0 5 (5)

Round 1 of the semis found the top seeded Sturt playing 6th seeded Kensington at the Cardinals home ground as we struggled to find space for all of our junior finals at home!

Clearly not perturbed by the loss of the home ground advantage, or missing the bacon and eggs at home 9, the top of the order unleashed on the Cardinals starting pitcher and the boys spent more time lined up at the plate high five-ing than in the dugout with 3 solo bombs off the first 4 batters.

A change of pitcher in the second innings temporarily slowed the assault to just 1 run before the boys recalibrated and added another bomb and 3 more runs in both the 3rd and 4th innings. The Cardinals finally found some pitching form, holding us scoreless in the 5th and giving up just 1 run in the 6th.

Spencer opened the defense for us and bamboozled the Kensington batters with an array of off speed pitches for his longest and possibly best outing this season. At the end of the 4th the Cardinals had managed only 3 hits and 3 runs and Spencer had 7 K's under his belt. Callum took over in the 5th for his 3rd outing of the season and pitched 2 excellent innings including 5 K's to limit the Cardinals to just 1 run.

Bottom of the 6th, 11-4 up and Jake dodged his way out of a tricky run-down to plate the winning run and the crowd roared! or they should have… but we were so caught up in the game we'd somehow lost track of the score and we played on to complete the innings not realising at that stage that Kensy couldn't win.

All up a fantatsic start to finals with almost everything done right!. The team spirit was great and the boys were enthusiastic and gracious in victory. A well deserved congratulations from the coaches - see you on diamond next week to continue the journey!

Thank you to Jake Parkinson for scoring again, Wallace Long for umpiring at short notice, the parents and kids for making it to the game so early on a Sunday and running between games to double up in the 1's.

Special thanks to Kensington for offering their main diamond in our moment of need.

Hits: Callum (2HR), Jake (HR, 2 singles), Jamie & Finn (HR), Austin (2b, single), Spencer & Tyler (2 singles)
Runs: Jake (4), Callum, Finn & Jamie (2), Spencer & Austin (1)
RBIs: Jake & Callum (2), Finn, Jamie & Austin (1)

Under 15/2 - Saints (Coach: Tony Catt/Stan Warrilow)

Saints 6, Port Adelaide 11

We jumped out to a 5-0 lead after two innings on the back of four BBs and three outfield hits to Angus, Lachie S and Samson. This was against a Port leftie against who we had only two safe hits in his previous 150 pitches. Things were looking good.

Maybe we got ahead of ourselves because from that point on we were playing catchup.

Our usually reliable rotation struggled to find the zone and the Port bats played the waiting game drawing three BBs in succession. Toss in a couple of errant throws and suddenly we were down 7 to 5.

Our bats couldn't respond with only a hit by Angela in the next four innings.

Four unearned runs to Port in the 5th and 6th inning padded their lead and we could only plate a consolation in the 7th following hits to Brad and Lachie S.

Batting under .200, striking out 11 times, issuing 14 walks and making six errors won't win too many games.

Our performances during the season earnt us the wildcard which we will gladly use next up when we face our Sturt team mates in the semi final.

Time to step up guys with a good week on the track and a heads up attitude on and off the field.

Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) (Coach: Nick Borello/Tom Becker)

Sturt 14 defeated Woodville 10

The first game of the Sturt under 13's finals campaign was definitely a tense one with scores being relatively close throughout the match. However, the boys kept battling to come away with a nice 4 run win!

A quick pep talk from the manager and coach prior to the game saw the saints take the field with some real gusto and determination to walk away with a win. Zach had the start today but he also had the pressure being that this was the first finals appearance for the Saints. It was a bit of a shaky start for the young pitcher with the Woodville boys determined to put some runs up on the board by swinging the bats and getting 4 hits against Zach. Zach found some form by striking out two batters to get the boys out of the field and into bat, but Woodville had done their damage by chalking up 3 runs.

Harry Hutton was the leadoff man today and was given the clear instructions of getting on base. Harry did his part by drawing a walk and taking second base. The Woodville pitcher was already feeling the pressure and walked Max before Oscar and Zach both picked up base hits to drive the runners in. A few fielding errors and two hit batters later, we had shown Woodville that a 3 run lead wasn't going to cut it with John McClure sending us into the field after we put up the maximum 5 runs. What more can a coach ask! Zach continued his pitching campaign but both Frank and I knew that the pressure was getting to him. Some costly errors in the field didn't help Zach up on the mound with Zach's pitch count slowly but surely climbing into the high range. Zach ended his day on the mound with 85 pitches thrown, 3.1 innings of work, 5 strikeouts and 7 runs allowed. Zach probably wasn't too pleased with his form today but nevertheless, he did his job as a starting pitcher to go fairly deep in the game and set up the team for the win.

Our batting today was truly something to marvel at. I told the boys my theory of how getting on base will be our key to victory and my theory was strongly supported with 9 players today getting on base and scoring at least one run! The bottom 4 batters managed to get 7 runs between them as well as 3 hits collectively which included Jacob Willans' cracking double to bring in 2 important runs. Oscar also had a day to remember by sending two baseballs on a ride to centerfield to get on base and bring in some runs. Top notch batting from everyone today!

Harry took over the pitching duties in the 4th inning and did a pretty good job. A shaky start from Harry with a hit batter and walk caused 2 runs to cross the plate and the game was tied at 9 runs. Harry being the young gun he is didn't let the pressure get into him and picked up 2 strikeouts to get him out of the sticky situation. Harry was subjected to another pressure moment in the final inning when Woodville were down by 4 runs and eager to score. Harry sat down the side and the nervous supporters with his end of day stats reading 70 pitches thrown, 3 earned runs and 5 strikeouts!

This game was tense and full of pressure in the field as well as at the plate. It was good practice for the boys for dealing with pressure moments and has set the tone for finals baseball. The 'coaches highlights' for today was Lachlan's great day at second base and his key base hit, Yeoryi taking a fastball to the hands but continuing his at-bat and Max Becker's terrific full game behind the plate.

Well, we'll take a 4 run win in finals any day of the week and I thought today everyone played extremely well with everyone doing their little part. Like I mentioned, the batting was the highlight for me today however our fielding does have some room for improvement. Next week its round 2 of the finals so make sure the boys are revved up and ready to snatch a win to take us all the way to the real contest: The Grand Final.

Thank you to Malene for scoring, John Mclure for umpiring, Roger and Josh for field set up and Frank for coaching first base.

2 - Oscar Levinson, 1 - Jacob Willans (2B), Zach Altamura, Max Becker, Jack Becker, Lachlan Kent and Magnus Smith.
Runs Scored
3 - Harry Hutton, 2 - Oscar Levinson, Yeoryi Perentes, Jacob Willans, Lachlan Kent, 1 - Zach Altamura, Max Becker, Jack Becker and Magnus Smith.

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Newsletter 27/02/18

We are now at the pointy end of the season with junior and senior finals games commencing this weekend, except for Division 2. Division 1 will finish their season on Sunday at Adelaide.

I will advise on finals fixtures once they are confirmed by the League!

I am very pleased to announce that next season the Sturt Baseball Club will be entering a women' s team for the 2018/19 season. Further details will be coming shortly but for those interested please contact our Sturt Womens Baseball League Coordinator Ash Mossman.

Well done to Hayley and Ben Packer and their helpers for making the charity event Lace up for Lynne such as success on Sunday!

Our Quiz Night this year will be held on Friday 2nd March 2018.Tickets are $15.00 each. Only for sale online.

NOTE: This is a club fundraising event. Please bring food for your table but no drinks. Drinks will be available for sale over the bar.

RAFFLE: Please consider donating a raffle prize to the Sturt Quiz Night Raffle. Please speak with Adam Kerr or Wallace Long.

Please also mark in your diaries our Junior and Senior Presentation Day which will be held on Saturday 7th April 2018. Details are on our website or via our Facebook page.

For those of you new to the club, please join our Twitter feed, at Follow @sturt_baseball and our Facebook page.  You can also follow us on Instagram  and Youtube!


The Sturt Baseball Club thanks all of our sponsors for their generous support. If you require further information on sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Manager Jeff Nicholas on 0419 824 324.

Division 1 (Coach:Tom Brice)

Sunday before last's two losses in the double header against Kensington saw the A grade sides finals chances slip away.

Unable to hold a potent Cardinals line up, we went down 15-5 in the first of the two games.

Game 2 was a much closer affair with import, Devon Barker, gracing the mound one last time before heading back to the US. Throwing 7 competitive innings, leaving the game with a 4-2 lead.

Unable to hold them, Steve Chambers, gave up two runs in the 8th.

Unable to score in the 9th, Jackson Brebner-Russ entered the game to try and keep the game alive and send it into extras.

Alas, it was not to be. With two runners reaching on a walk and a hit, the following long at bat ended with a deep shot to centre-right field, a walk-off 3 run homerun. Sturt going down 7-4.

Another double header was fought out between our A grade side against Henley & Grange last Sunday.

The annual Breast Cancer Network fundraiser, Lace Up for Lynne, brought in a fantastic crowd to witness the team take out a comfortable game 1 victory.

Lead by 4 hits from Harry Knuckey, 3 from Jordan McArdle and a dominant performance on the mound by Ky Hampton, a comfortable early lead was consolidated by consistent scoring throughout the game.

Damon Arnold closed out the game, convincingly ending an 11-2 victory.

Game 2 was a far closer encounter.

Jackson Brebner-Russ, on the mound, gave up 2 runs early and we were playing catch up against H&G import, who was in fine form.

Brebner-Russ settled down to keep opposing hitters scoreless for the following 4 innings, handing the ball to Josh Tindall in the 6th inning, Sturt trailing 2-0.

A Paul Holmes lead off double was converted into a run on a Tyler Chappell 2 out hit in the bottom of yhe 6th.

With bases loaded 1 out in the 8th, we were unable to score after a line drive was caught and subsequently turned into a double play, ending the threat.

Josh Tindall was dominant on the mound not allowing a run through 4 innings and keeping us in the hunt.

But alas, we were unable to trouble the scorers, going down 2-1.

Well done to Tyler Chappell pitched a complete game shutout at tonight's twilight game with final score being Sturt 6 d Northern Districts 0

Unable to make finals, we have now one game to play at Adelaide this coming Sunday.

Division 2 (Coach: Tom Faehse/Paul Holmes)

Sturt 7 d Henley & Grange 2

We bounced back from the poor performance last week to get back into the winner's circle on Sunday. Brodie MacBeth had the start on the mound and despite giving up a run in the top of the first, he settled in nicely and finished his day throwing 6 inning for 2 earned runs, 6 hits and 4K's.

After going 1 run down in the top of the first, the boys were quick to take back the lead putting on three runs in the bottom half, with Brandon Russo driving in two and Alex Hopton driving in the third. For the next three inning, the Henley & Grange knuckle baller managed to hold us from scoring until Mathew MacBeth lead off the fifth inning with a solo homerun to center-right.

Josh Tindall closed out the last inning without too much trouble and the boys hit for the remaining time left and piled on three more runs. It was a great effort in the field with no errors and only a couple of walks for the whole game. With Glenelg losing to Adelaide on Sunday we have snuck into third position on the ladder and a win on Sunday will see us secure a home final in the first week!

HITS: Hopton 3, M.MacBeth, Russo 2, Wirth, Arnold 1.

Division 3 (Coach: Tony Catt)

Henley & Grange 10 d Sturt 2

And that's all she wrote. The Fighting 3's season came to a screaming halt as we were rammed at Ram Park.

After watching the best comeback since Lazarus by the awesome foursomes (and if you don't know who Lazarus is- google it) in the curtain raiser we hoped that the 3's would rise to the occasion but alas the fairy tale wasn't to be.

After rising from the depths of the ladder last season to be contending for the finals was a huge improvement. 2017/18 we won 9 lost 8 and were heated out twice against teams we would have confidently beaten. A winning season - the first in 5 years. Well done. It's a good team to be around, by no means perfect but we all care for our teammates and everyone gives a 100% because everyone wants everyone to do well and if we win - great and if we don't - it's not the end of the world.

The Game: We opened the batting with 3 up and 3 down against a young H & G pitcher backed by a good field, who simply threw the ball over the plate and let ourselves get ourselves out. That turned out to be the story of the day with the bat. No one had a good day, just 5 strike outs and one (yep you read correct - one) hit. Single hit and RBI to Liam and a manufactured run from Benny were skinny highlights from one of our quieter batting performances. Adage: you won't win many with 2 runs.

The killer stats were 7 walks, 4 HPB (one guy getting hit 3 times!) and 4 hits conceded. We really didn't give ourselves a chance and conceded 10 runs. A very passionate youth took the mound for Sturt and had a very unpleasant afternoon. After losing an opening 7 pitch battle, against a very good opening lefty batter (a very wily experienced ex-Giant, if he doesn't swing it can't be a strike guy) who incidentally was probably out twice looking, eventually received a "richly" deserved walk. With a runner on, the next 40 minutes went pear shaped. The toys went out of the cot on the hill and a couple of good hits amongst too many walks and we conceded 7 to put us well behind the eight ball.

The inconsistent strike zone continued and after we finally got some traction to trail 2-7 top of the third a very ordinary caught stealing call caused a boil over of tempers. Coach Catt saw red and was ejected for the first time in his career. The 4's had scored 12 runs in the last two digs to come from behind 6-1 and win 13-7 and there was always a glimmer of hope our batters would come to the party but after Liam's caught stealing and Catty's ejection it wasn't to be. Down 10-2 after 4 the ejection over a poo call sort of wrapped up the day.

The first innings was a setback however a pitching change in the fifth by the fat manager bringing in set-up guy Mick and closer Jake and we managed three nought innings when it could have got ugly. We made a few errors but at the end of the day we were beaten by a better team. Tyson had a good day behind the dish, Matt at first was solid and our regular pitcher probably belted himself up more than the very experienced opposition

22 players played for the 3's this season. The core 9 players were Matt Mulryan (ever present and played all 17), Brett Mulryan (16), Peter Turner (16), Ben Lucas (16), Jared Holland (16), Jake Powell (15), Austin McClure (15), Liam Lucas (14), and Mick Trlin (13). We pitched 110 innings of which Aussie pitched 57.2 (ERA 2.497) and Brodie Macbeth 23 (ERA 1.957).

Team batting average of .232 and a team ERA of 4.909. Middle of the road and that's where we finished. Dutchy finished with a very respectable .300 average and Matt lead the RBI's with 10.

Thank you to Sue Mulryan for a top-notch scorebook and being present all season. It's such an easy job when the scorer is ever present and presents such a beautiful work of art that is the baseball score book. Thanks also to Coach Catt for bringing his wisdom, philosophy and passion to the team. Great job.

Division 4 (Coach: Tom Winter)

Sturt 13 d Henley & Grange 8

Division 5 (Coach: Adrian Hill)

AD 0,0,0,1,0,3,2 6
ST 2,1,2,1,1,0 7

Another famous win see's us in an elimination final next sat at Henley.Like all season luck was on our side against the hard hitting Angels.They started well and had runners on but hit into a 5 to 3 (one hopper) double play while when we replied in the same situation the throw was wild and went onto score 2 runs. Frenchy shut them down for 5 innings but they continued to hit the ball hard and our top order picked up all of our hits. A nice catch and throw from Jonas Garcia at left field to hose the runner at home was a highlight. Josh Vidale came into close the last 2 digs but got welcomed by some more hard hits and from there we just managed to limp home.The lads are excited for next week, not facing our opponents since round 3 where our runs of wins started. We will be massive underdogs for this game but are up to the challenge.Thanks to Bones for umpiring and Jode's for looking after the books. See you at West Lakes next Saturday! Hits: The Man 3, Frenchy, MKR 2, Hammer 1

Division 6 (Coach: Chris Small)

Sturt 13 d Goodwood 5

Division 7 (Coach: Matt Chenoweth)

Port Adelaide 13 d Sturt 3

Under 17/1 (Coach: Mike Garcia/Dave Warburton)

Henley & Grange 12 d Sturt 0

On an awesome summer day in which the club at Norman Reserve was looking its absolute best all decked out for Lace Up for Lynne Day, the U17s had to trudge across town to West Lakes for a dead rubber against the 1st place Rams. The injury bug, which has affected this group all year, had struck again during the week this time with Luke Warby and Strappsy unavailable for health reasons and Joltin' Joe also away for the season finale. Ethan Dawson and Jamie Vidale stepped up again to help fill the void to save us from a forfeit and their exposure to the 17s this year will help them in a big way next year when they make the step up from 15s.

Playing with 8 players was always going to be a challenge against a strong H&G team but the boys did well in tough circumstances. Hitting, which looked to be a strength coming into the season, again proved to be our Achilles' Heel as it has since starting up after Christmas. Robbie Brennan and Jonas Garcia each doubled with Joa Poskey-Miles adding a single but unfortunately all were in separate innings. Joel Edwards was stiff not to add to that tally with a line shot to the right side that was snared by the first baseman. H&G were tight in the field with only one error and 3 walks issued so there were no gifts to be had via that route either.

Meanwhile the Rams came out of the blocks fast hanging 7 on the board in the first and following that up with a pair of deuces in the 2nd and 3rd innings. Jonas (literally) slowed the parade to the plate going to the Eephus Pitch with good effect in his 3rd and final inning on the mound. Sam Stewart did a great job behind the plate then on the mound to cap a solid day in the field. Josh Vidale playing second base for the first time in memory and Ethan Dawson at shortstop each made nice plays when the opportunity arose. Joel and Jamie were kept busy on their two man outfield patrol with Jamie making a great running grab in left centre and just missing another on a diving attempt just prior to that.

So the season that held promise of a finals berth at the beginning of the year draws to a close falling just short of that goal. Several of the boys showed good improvement in their approach and baseball knowledge over the course of the season, particularly that core group who made it regularly to training. To those moving up to seniors next year, good luck. For the rest, we look forward to seeing you back on deck to lead what will be a good group of young players coming up from the 15s. Here are some plays to inspire everyone for next season.

Thanks to Theresa Warburton for scoring yet again and Gail Stewart for pitch counting. Good luck to all the Sturt teams playing finals - go you Sainters!!!

Hits: Robbie Brennan (2B), Jonas Garcia (2B) Joa Poskey-Miles 1 each

Under 15/1 - Sturt (Coach: Jack Dawson/Mitch Dawson)


Under 15/2 - Sturt (Coach: Mark Richmond/Andrew Vidale)

Sturt 6 d Saints 5

Under 15/2 - Saints (Coach: Tony Catt/Stan Warrilow)

Sturt 6 d Saints 5

A great game was anticipated between two evenly matched teams in their third meeting of the summer.

For Saints the win would have meant finishing second on the ladder and claiming the intra-club series.

The elements brought sun, rain, wind and ultimately dusk.

The players brought effort, hustle, redemption and skill.

On the hill, Angus went five innings in his longest assignment of the season. Throwing 62% strikes he drew swing after swing from the Sturt batters. Some connected but most didn't.

Lachie S behind the plate was excellent with no WPs or PBs in 95 pitches.

Credit to Sturt's pitchers who gave up only two hits over the first five innings.

But when given the opportunity, our aggressive base running and smart situational hitting brought home four runs to keep the game tied up.

RBIs came from a SAF by Lachie S, SAB by Ryder and two opposite field slaps by Samson.

Our tying run in the 6th was batted in by Angela with a blast to CF after having gone 0 for 5 in the series.

Mention also to Nick, Shannon and Zach who chewed up over 34% of Sturt's pitch count from slots 7, 8 and 9 with great at bats.

Another highlight was Lachie "Mr Hustle" H's charge from the batters box to third. It was all in vain however as the umpire called game due to the deteriorating light.

The redemption prize must go to Finn from Sturt who was sitting on 0 for 7 in the series and decided that he had seen enough pitches and went 3 for 3 with two big doubles and the winning moonshot into the setting sun over RF. Well played Finn.

A great tune up for the finals and entertaining finish to the minor round.

Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) (Coach: Nick Borello/Tom Becker)

Sturt 16 defeated Kensington 9

The Sturt under 13s went on the road to play their final game of the regular season at Kensington. The game showcased our top class batting and the Saints came away with a nice 7 run win to remain on the top spot of the ladder!

Harry got the start today with Zach behind the plate to give the veteran catcher Max Becker a much needed rest leading up to finals. Harry got off to a nice start by striking out the leadoff hitter before he was shook up by a cracking shot to right field. Four walks and another hit later, Kensington were laughing with an early 3 run lead. However they weren't laughing for long with hits to Harry, Oscar, Magnus and Zach to chalk up 4 runs on our side of score card.

Harry found some form as he went deeper into the game but had to work hard for it with him reaching his maximum 85 pitches by the third inning. Harry's final stats read 3 earned runs, 5 strikeouts and 6 walks. Unfortunately, our pitching remained average for the rest of the game with Zach struggling as well with Zach letting up 6 walks and allowing 6 runs. Still a pretty good pitching campaign though with Zach and Harry picking up 11 strikeouts collectively.

Unfortunately the defence today was nowhere to be seen with error after error. Many of the errors simply coming down to getting the body in front of the ball and calling for fly balls. Fielding is something we'll have to work on going into the finals where we will undoubtedly see much more action in the field.

Back to the good stuff now! Hitting today was excellent just like it should have been after an hour in the batting cages and hitting off the tee. The statistic that really impressed me today was that our top four hitters were collectively 13 for 15! It was a real team effort today with the bats with almost everyone getting on base and scoring a run, however there was one stand out for me today: Jack Becker. The birthday boy had a day to remember by getting 3 hits, 3 runs and doing some great work at second base and shortstop! AJ also had a great last game by getting a base hit and 2 runs! Great to see some good form from the team in this crucial part of the season.

Well, 4 runs in the first, 4 in the second, 5 in the third and 3 in the fifth gave us a very respectable 16 runs on the scoreboard and a crucial win. Congratulations to all the players on finishing top of the ladder with it truly being a team effort. Now bring on the finals! Thanks to Zac Becker for umpiring, Sally Edwards for scoring and Frank for coaching first base.

4 - Harry Hutton, Zach Altamura (2×2B), 3 - Jack Becker, 1 - Max Becker (2B), Oscar Levinson, Jacob Willans, AJ, Magnus Smith
Runs Scored
4 - Harry Hutton, Zach Altamura, 3 - Jack Becker, 2 - AJ, 1 - Oscar Levinson, Max Becker, Drew Edwards

Little League Sturt (U11) (Coach: Jarred Holland )

Adelaide 7 d STURT 0

I have to start by saying thankyou to the Adelaide coach for organising us to be able to play down at Glenelg instead of the dust bowl which is Flinders, it was geared up to be and exciting day if we won we would of got to play against the top team from the North , but it was not to be. But how these young men have played all year is a credit to them to be in this position. Unfortunately it was not our day with the bats, with only getting 1 hit for the day which was Jack.

Our pitching today was very good to keep them only to score 7 runs looking at some of there scores over the last couple of weeks.

Kale started the game and got through his 2 innings with 26 pitches "see what you can do if you keep your head up and smile and have fun with your teammates".

Josh.A stared the third innings throwing a great amount of strikes but they got a few hits off of him to score 1 run. There was some great fielding effort from Archie and Kale helping him get some outs.

One of our favorite players Leo threw the 4th innings but it was just not his day, they we're getting hits which shows that he was throwing a lot of strikes but after a quick chat from the coach to keep his chin up which got him a strike out but then saw them score maximum 5 runs, " Leo you are a young under 11 to have thrown as much as you have you should be very proud and i am excited to watch you get bigger and stronger to shine".

Gus threw the 5th innings they only scored 1 run off of him with some help from Leo making a great play at short stop and Gus making a great play at first and getting a strike out, well done "once again i think you will have another year in under 11's to get bigger and stronger to see you shine too".

Josh.H threw the 6th innings which was the first time any of our games came to this. Just shows you the game was not what we wanted but was still a great game.

Some of the best plays for the day we're Sam stopping a rocket ball in the hot corner at 3rd base he did not get the out needing to tag the player but he knew to do something and then looked at 1st to see if he could get another out there, well done great heads up baseball. Archie at 2nd almost made two cat catches but did not stick in the glove like they have in other weeks but you we're in the right place, well done.

From the coach, yes would have loved to been able to play next week but i walked away from this game seeing very positive things the way Blake, Williem and Luke we're swinging the bats today to how they we're at the start of the year just shows how hard batting is but you are giving yourselves ever chance to get a hit or just doing the team thing by moving the runners around which you have for the last couple of weeks. To be able to give each boy a chance to pitch and catch throughout the year shows that all these boys can play the game. Everyone got a hit throughout the year which shows that we have alot of positive things to look forward too if they continue playing which is the only thing i would love to see is you boys having enjoyed the season and come back and play the game we love.

To my coaching staff Aaron you had one of the hardest jobs keeping the boys under control on the bench making sure they we're ready to come up to bat and keep up with all my changes in the field each innings .

Ralph for making sure things ran smoothly on the day from writing all there last names on the sheet and keeping an eye on the boys and being encouraging to all the boys and helping with training with not knowing anything about the game. Jimmy for being an ear for the coach on match days and for helping me at training still sorry about what happened to Tom a couple of weeks ago at training.

Ky thanks for helping with all your other commitments with your training and the bite, the kids will never forget you and we wish you the best of luck where ever you end up. To Anne, Carole for pich counting for the year and for helping the scorer , we did not go over once.

Last but not least Larissa for being the scorer u are the heart and sole of the team without you we cannot play and you are a team member, thanks for sending me the photos every week and to learn more about scoring and getting into your colors.


Thanks coach Dutchy




















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Newsletter 20/02/18

The Sturt Baseball Club is proud to be supporting Lace up for Lynne on our last home and away game for Division 1 this Sunday 25th February 2018. This charity event is to raise money for the Breast Cancer Network Australia. Tickets for the event are $35. Online bookings only

Our Quiz Night this year will be held on Friday 2nd March 2018.Tickets are $15.00 each. Only for sale online.

NOTE: This is a club fundraising event. Please bring food for your table but no drinks. Drinks will be available for sale over the bar.

RAFFLE: Please consider donating a raffle prize to the Sturt Quiz Night Raffle. Please speak with Adam Kerr or Wallace Long.

Please also mark in your diaries our Junior and Senior Presentation Day which will be held on Saturday 7th April 2018. Details are on our website or via our Facebook page.

For those of you new to the club, please join our Twitter feed, at Follow @sturt_baseball and our Facebook page.  You can also follow us on Instagram  and Youtube!


The Sturt Baseball Club thanks all of our sponsors for their generous support. If you require further information on sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Manager Jeff Nicholas on 0419 824 324.

Division 1 (Coach:Tom Brice)

Game 1: Kensington 15 d Sturt 5, Game 2: Kensington 7 d Sturt 4

Division 2 (Coach: Tom Faehse/Paul Holmes)

Kensington 10 d Sturt 5

Sunday was not the best performance by us. We came up against a pitcher who threw a good game and made us work for every run. We still managed to put 5 runs on the board through the six inning we played and took the opposition pitcher almost at his pitch count. Whilst it wasn't our best offensive performance sometimes you do have to tip your hat to a job well done by the opposition. Our defensive performance was a bit of a letdown and not up to usual standards. I am confident we will bounce back next week and eliminate the errors and brain fades in the field that cost us this win. The loss didn't affect our ladder position to much, but we do have a few teams snapping at our heals. We will need to finish off the season with a couple of wins and might be able to sneak into 3rd spot and secure a home final.

HITS: Wirth 2, Stewart, Hopton, Kerr 1

Division 3 (Coach: Tony Catt)

Sturt 13 d Kensington 3

The three's continued on their rollicking roll towards the post-season with a big 13-3 statement against Kensington Saturday at home. A season high 14 hits for the Balfour's Division 3 Pie hitting Saints and another top performance from Brodie Macbeth surrendering just the 3 runs on nine hits over seven innings striking out 8 and walking zero.

For the second consecutive week the Saints got out of the blocks early scoring 4 and were comfortably leading 7-3 after five innings. They put Kensington to the sword with an emphatic 5 run innings in the 6th to put the game beyond doubt.

Best with the bat today was Jared Holland 3 from 4, Matt Mulryan 2 from 3, Ben Lucas 2 from 3 and Brando Russo 2 from 5. The entire team either got a hit, an RBI or a run. Be nice to do this every week! 14 hits to 9 and the team scored 12 RBI's. If only wasn't spotted this week. Let's keep him away.

Defence was solid and definitely not perfect. We were given the privilege of watching another double Dutchy double play from the highly competitive and evergreen veteran Jared Holland.

Big game next week and destiny is in our hands.

Hits: Holland 3, Russo, Mulryan M Lucas B 2, Macbeth, Mulryan B, Turner, Trlin, Powell

RBI: Mulryan M & Turner 3, Powell 2, Strapps, Macbeth, Mulryan B, Lucas B

Division 4 (Coach: Tom Winter)

Sturt 8 d Kensington 2

Division 5 (Coach: Adrian Hill)

GL 0,0,0,1,0,1,0 2
ST 5,0,0,1,0,2 8

A great team effort by the lads got us back on track after 2L's on the trott. Our pitchers Frenchy ( 3 digs ) & Josh Vidale ( 4 digs ) were exceptional and our bats fired from the start to help settle the nerves.

The game had plenty of highlights including : U17 Josh Vidale throwing darts past the senior tigers bats, Hammer hosing down their runners from all parts of the ground, Magic Mike's stunning aerial display at centre field to save 2 runs, MKR cooking up a storm in the batting box and behind the dish plus the much anticipated return to the team of the Fun Gool's .The mood in the dug out was good fun same vain as a Bulls game. Many thanks to Tready and Jodie again for looking after the umpiring and scoring duties. Another win in our final game (at home) will see us play finals in the same vain as a Bulls game..

Hits: MKR 2, Stan , Frenchy , Hammer , Fame , V , Magic , Kilojules 1

Division 6 (Coach: Chris Small)

Angels 15 d Sturt 2

Division 7 (Coach: Matt Chenoweth)

Sturt 8 - defeated by Flinders 16

Well Saturday's game seen us come up against our old rival Flinders university.

It was our last home game for the season and we had to play it at Flinders as the home team.

The diamond was unfortunately a little dry to say least as it looked like it hadn't had been watered since the 1990s, which made it feel like we were playing on a goat track.

Putting that aside it was a great game of baseball and we really took it to the third place Flinders uni team.

The game was a lot closer then what the final score indicates.

A special mention to a couple of our juniors that have really played a vital part in our team this season with Joel Osborne and Michael Sabatino playing some great baseball this season a long with some of our old faithfulls like Chris Thompson, JR and Richard Carter contributing as always to the team.

We take on 6th placed Port Adelaide next week for our last game of the season.

A special mention to AV and Smally for helping the 7s out this week. Thanks boys.

Runs: Chris Thompson 1
Lachie Seekamp 1
Chris Small 1
Michael Sabatino 1
Matt Chenoweth 1
Shane O'Connell 1
Joel Osboune 1
Ben Anil 1

Hits: 10
Strikes: 41

RBI: Matt Chenoweth 3
Joel Osbourne 2
Lachie Seekamp 1
Ben Anil 1

PC: Chris Thompson 69
Matt Chenoweth 30

Under 17/1 (Coach: Mike Garcia/Dave Warburton)

Sturt 5 d Kensington 4

As the season amazingly winds down to a close the baseball Weather Gods again rolled out the unpredictable, greeting the teams at the always magnificent Norman Reserve with a steady drizzle that provided the ground with some much needed moisture. The Saints parlayed 4 hits and 6 Kensington errors into 5 unearned runs in a 5-4 win to exact revenge on a costly early season loss to the Cardinals.

Jonas Garcia was the man-of-the-match today throwing 3 shutout innings as the starting pitcher and backing that up with a walk, triple and single and 3 runs scored in 3 trips to the plate. Brad Strapps was also great on the hill striking out 9 while walking only 1 over four innings to provide a solid 1-2 pitching punch for Sturt.

Zac Becker, filling in for the injured Robbie Brennan, had a sweet triple to rightcentre and a nice catch in centerfield to be a big contributor as well. Zac led the way to victory, walking to open the bottom of the 6th, then advancing to 3rd on a wild pitch and stolen base. That set the table for game hero Joel Edwards who ripped a two out grounder to the right side and, amid confusion by the Cardinal fielders, raced safely to first with Zac sprinting home with the winning run. For the first time this season, The Librarians came to life with the Sturt bench going (relatively) crazy. The Saints batted out the inning with no further damage as time expired and were ready to pop the corks to celebrate another victory. But wait - just when everyone thought it was over….

The umpire, in contravention of league rules, declared one more inning would be played. Heads were scratched. Utterances were muttered. Sturt bounced back out into the field. A one out Kensy single and a wild pitch had the tying run at second base. Strappsy cooly fanned the next two batters, the first swinging, the next looking to finally close the door on our last home game of the season.

A well deserved win to the boys who fought back hard from a 4-2 deficit. Thanks to Theresa for scoring, RB for pitch counting and Tony Catt for umpiring.

One week to go - another afternoon affair at Henley and Grange. Quiz night is March 2nd. It would be great to see all U17 players and parents there for what promises to be a great night.

Hits: Jonas Garcia (3B) 2, Zac Becker (3B), Josh Vidale 1 each

RBIs: Brad Strapps 2, Jonas Garcia, Joel Edwards 1 each

Under 15/1 - Sturt (Coach: Jack Dawson/Mitch Dawson)

Sturt 10 defeated Adelaide 1

For our last game of the season we came up against an Adelaide side sitting towards the bottom of the ladder. This was a great opportunity to see how well the boys could stay focused in a game that we expected to win.

Some early loss of focus by some of the guys was ultimately overshadowed by some great defensive plays and solid pitching. Angus Catt went 5 innings, striking out 5 and only giving up 1 run while Zac Becker came in for the last inning, blowing the opposition away with 3 strikeouts to get the save.

Lachy Seekamp was a rock behind the plate with some impressive plays including a perfect throw to 2nd base to gun out Adelaide's first base runner while Jamie Vidale was impressive in right field helping the pitcher's stats by keeping some well hit balls to singles.

Overall the lads had a great game offensively both at the plate and on the bases with a combined total of 11 hits and 13 stolen bases across the team. Ethan Dawson produced 2 ground rule doubles in his 3 hit performance while Jake Mossman contributed 2 hits and 4 RBI's to continue his hot form. Both Will Jordans and Zac Becker both added to their season steal total with 3 stolen bases each to help us get some key runs throughout the game.

It was a hard game heading into finals as the boys felt the opposition would provide little competition which was highlighted through some lapses in focus throughout the game , however, the boys were able to hit confidently and field well so they should be confident in where they are at heading into finals in a couple of weeks.

Hits: Ethan Dawson 3; Jake Mossman, Angus Catt 2; Will Jordans, Zac Becker, Lachy Seekamp, Jamie Vidale 1

Under 15/2 - Sturt (Coach: Mark Richmond/Andrew Vidale)

Sturt 6 3 0 2 x (11)
Goodwood 0 3 0 0 0 (3)

Sunday at beautiful Norman Reserve saw us playing 6th seeded Goodwood in a preview to what will probably be our 1st finals game in a few weeks time.

We started very strongly with Austin Parkinson in complete command on the hill - three quick K's and we were back in the dugout. We came out firing with the bat and displayed our trademark base running to quickly pile on six runs with the help of a few walks from Goodwood's 1st time pitcher.

And then the wheels fell off! A walk, a HPB and three wild throws chasing runners around the bases gifted the Indians three unearned runs in quick succession as Austin battled on against both sides, striking out three batters to stop the rot.

Goodwood had rattled us and it took the combined efforts of both coaches and the next two innings to get the boys back on track. Callum replaced Austin on the hill and did a great job in only his 3rd outing for the season keeping Goodwood scoreless through the 3rd and 4th innings as we regained some composure.

The top of the batting order kept up some momentum in the 2nd and again in the 4th to put some extra distance between us and the Indians before Spencer took over from Callum in the 5th to close out with another scoreless innings.

Two weeks out from finals and the only thing standing between these boys and a flag is themselves.

See you all Thursday for the Sturt v Saints seaon final round!

Hits: Jamie & Spencer (2b, single), Tyler & Callum (2b), Austin (2 singles), Sebb (single)
Runs: Austin (3), Jamie, Jake & Tyler (2), Spencer & James (1 each)
RBIs: Jamie (4), Spencer (3), Callum (1)

Under 15/2 - Saints (Coach: Tony Catt/Stan Warrilow)

Saints 17 Kensington 5

You could be forgiven for thinking those booms you heard on Sunday afternoon was thunder rolling in on the rain front. Instead it was the Saints bats putting hits into the darkening skies over Flinders.

Going to the air was safer than hitting grounders on the deterioirating diamond. Does anyone know a plumber who can connect up the irrigation?

Samson was first up for a pinch start on the mound and got 3Ks in the first innings. Alex then shook off the drive from the Mount and got involved in three outs at SS to wrap up the second.

Angela then pitched through the light rain with 4Ks and no hits over 3 innings.

But back to the booms. The lineup peppered the outfield with ten hits to centrefield and another five doubles and singles to the corners.

Alex boomed a first pitch HR and followed up with 2 doubles. Lachie H cracked 2 doubles and 2 singles. Angela lofted another double and single, Lachie S stroked three outfield singles with singles to Ryder (2), Angus, Samson and Nick. Zach and Shannon converted runs from getting on base.

The Cardinals pitchers weren't giving up too many free passes so swinging was the way to go. This approach also resulted in 10 Saints strikeouts.

Overall a good game for the bats and defence with no ground ball errors on that poor fielding surface.

We now have a short turnaround with the 15's derby on Thursday at 6pm. We look forward to a great turnout of family and friends to send off both 15/2 squads into the finals series.

Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) (Coach: Nick Borello/Tom Becker)

Sturt 8 defeated East Torrens 0

Another pitching masterclass and some aggression on the base paths turned this game into a great eight-nil win for the top of the ladder Sturt under 13s.

The flinders 'dustbowl' left a large group of parents and coaches wondering what has been going on in the past month. I think it's fair to say that the field down at flinders has seen better days. Nevertheless, we accepted the conditions and got straight down to business with Zach Altamura doing his job as the starting pitcher by shutting down the East Torrens offence through the first inning.

Harry Hutton had a go in the leadoff position today and did a cracking job by getting a solid base hit to centerfield to start the game. Oscar Levinson followed suit by getting a nice base hit to drive in Harry and put the Saints up on the board.

Zach continued to dominate on the mound giving up no earned runs in his 4 innings of solid work and tallied up 10 strikeouts. Harry Hutton came in to close out the last two innings of the game and did so in typical Harry Hutton fashion by chalking up 5 strikeouts. A top notch pitching campaign!

Unfortunately, our hitting today was not so 'top-notch'. On paper the statistics look quite good with 11 hits in total but we just couldn't manage to lump the hits together to put some more runs on the board. I think due to the inaccurate pitching the boys have been facing lately, many of them are going up to the plate with the mentality of drawing a walk. With some extra work in the batting cages I'm certain the boys will start swinging the bats a bit more.

Well with dominating pitching and some solid hitting, we came away from the 'dustbowl' with a win. The 'coaches highlights' today were the 4 extra base hits that were collected by Yeoryi, Max, Zach and Harry, Max Becker continually to be solid behind the plate, the excellent fielding from Lachlan at second base as well as Drew and AJ doing well by both collecting solid base hits!

Next week it's Kensington who will face the top of the ladder saints for the final game of the regular season. With finals looming, the boys need to continue the great effort they've been putting in all season so we can have a shot at the flag!

3 - Harry Hutton (2B), 2 - Oscar Levinson, 1 - Yeoryi Perentes (2B), Zach Altamura (2B), Max Becker (2B), Jayden Quabby, Drew Edwards and AJ.
Runs Scored:
3 - Harry Hutton, 1 - Max Becker, Yeoryi Perentes, Zach Altamura, AJ, Drew Edwards and Max Becker

Little League Sturt (U11) (Coach: Jarred Holland )

STURT 4- Goodwood 1

This Sunday we headed down to Goodwood it was great for the boys to get to play on the big diamond. As we were the away side we hit first, Gus, Sam and Leo got walks and Archie got a hit , but we were unlucky not to score.

The first pitcher of the day was Sam and ever though he hasnt done it in a while he did a great job and Gus did some great fielding at second base.

Our next at bat saw 1 walk to Tom and then saw the boys get struck out in order. With Sam still fresh i sent him back out again to get some more pitching in, he almost got his outs but fell 1 out short, so young Leo finished it off as good team mates do.

Next at bat something started to work in our favour with Josh A starting with a safe hit and then Williem with a walk then Gus and Josh H got walks then Kale hit them in to see us get 3 runs on the board.

Leo got back on the mound to finish his work off ,he got a little shaky and hit a couple of kids but moved on quickly to get his outs, (way to bounce back kid).

With the next at bat Tom got another walk then Blake got a timely hit and Josh A and Williem too, Well done boys to strike out the game and get another run.

Too finish off the game Kale found it hard to find the zone but after a quick chat from the catcher and the coach to tell him " that was in the past now work to the future" to then see him strike out the next 3 batters in order.

Its great to see the boys enjoying the game as team mates.

Thanks too Aaron, Ralph,Jimmy and Ky for always making things run smoothly and to the greatest u11 scorer Larissa.







L. Garcia






J.Altamura 2
B.Taylor 1
W.Aitken 1
A.Becker 1
K.Mattews-Hampton 1

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Newsletter 13/02/18

A big thank you to Sharron Holmes who has organised the wine sale where we have now sold 32 cases of wine which means we have raised $640! A massive thank you also to Fame who managed to sell a whopping 8 cases! The promotion will end on the 26th of February. Click on the link to order now!!

The Sturt Baseball Club is proud to be supporting Lace up for Lynne on our last home and away game for Division 1 on Sunday 25th February 2018. This charity event is to raise money for the Breast Cancer Network Australia. Tickets for the event are $35. Online bookings only

Our Quiz Night this year will be held on Friday 2nd March 2018.Tickets are $15.00 each. Only for sale online.

NOTE: This is a club fundraising event. Please bring food for your table but no drinks. Drinks will be available for sale over the bar.

RAFFLE: Please consider donating a raffle prize to the Sturt Quiz Night Raffle. Please speak with Adam Kerr or Wallace Long.

Please also mark in your diaries our Junior and Senior Presentation Day which will be held on Saturday 7th April 2018. Details are on our website or via our Facebook page.

For those of you new to the club, please join our Twitter feed, at Follow @sturt_baseball and our Facebook page.  You can also follow us on Instagram  and Youtube!


The Sturt Baseball Club thanks all of our sponsors for their generous support. If you require further information on sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Manager Jeff Nicholas on 0419 824 324.

Division 1 (Coach:Tom Brice)

Port Adelaide 4 d Sturt 2

After having the bye Tuesday night, the A grade side saw itself drop to 7th on the table, one game out of the top 6. This made Sunday's game against top place side, Port Adelaide, a vitally important one. Unfortunately, it did not go to plan.

Squandering situations with runners in scoring position 3 of the first 4 innings, we saw the scoreline at 2-0 down, at the half way point of the game.Ky Hampton's stellar job on the mound was backed up by some mediocre defense which resulted in the 2 runs crossing the plate.

Josh Tindall was unable to hold Port, after replacing Hampton on the hill. 2 more runs were allowed to see the scoreline sit at 4-0 going into the 8th.

Our Sturt offense finally broke through after a 2-run homerun to Angus Roeger, in the top of the 8th.

This would be it though, as zeros were posted in the remaining innings by both teams.

A disappointing 4-2 loss.

With other results going against us, the A grade team is now 2 games out of the 6 with 7 games to play.

With Sturt going down in the Tuesday Twilight 3-0 against Glenelg the big double header this coming Sunday at Kensigton is critical to keep our finals hopes alive!

Division 2 (Coach: Tom Faehse/Paul Holmes)

Sturt 3 d Port Adelaide 1

The Div 2 had a hard fought win on Saturday. We managed to score 2 runs in the top of the first to take the early lead. Port picked up an un earned run in the second to bring the game back to a 1 run ball game. Aussie McClure started on the mound and did an outstanding job throwing 4 inning with only 1 unearned run crossing the plate. With Damo in relief, the Port hitters couldn't add to their tally, as he dominated in the remaining 3 inning. Brandon Russo drew a walk and moved round the bases and scored on pass balls to give us a handy insurance run. It was a good win and with the league ladder being so tight every win is important.

HITS: Stewart, Brice, Hopton, Russo, Barker 1.

Division 3 (Coach: Tony Catt)

Sturt 8 d Port Adelaide 0

A Brodie Macbeth shut out and a terrific first innings were enough to get the Fighting 3's across the line against the Magpies at the Aviary.

Brodie was magnificent after being on a jack hammer all morning throwing 68/102 across 8 innings, 9 strike outs, giving up 4 hits, two walks and no earned runs. Another excellent game winning throw from the Red Bomber.

Best with the bat today was Brett Mulryan. 2 from 4 including 2 RBI's was his day's work at the plate as he continues his purple patch with the bat to move up into second place in the season batting averages. Jake Powell picked up a double and an RBI to continue his much better 2018 with the bat, Mick Trlin, Jared Holland, and Peter Turner all contributed with singles. Benny Lucas chipped in with a sac fly to grab himself an RBI.

Highlight in the field was the solo double at first by Matty Mulryan. A liner taken at least 6 inches off the ground followed by a belly flop to beat the diving runner was described by many as possibly the most unathletic double play they had ever witnessed. Say what you like people - the awareness, action and result were first class. Onya Matty!

Forgot to mention Dutchy and Jake got a double play as well. Good stuff.

Two games to go, sitting 8-7 and we must win both to have a sniff at the finals. C'mon!!!!!!

Thank you to Sue Mulyran for doing a great job and to Jack Dawson for answering the SOS with umpiring.

Division 4 (Coach: Tom Winter)


Division 5 (Coach: Adrian Hill)

GG 0,1,3,2,1,2,0 = 9
ST 1,0,0,1,0,0,1 = 3

After losing our appeal to transfer this weeks home game from flinders to the green,green grass of home we were greeted at the uni by a dust bowl.The ground was nearly unplayable and put us on the back foot from the start.

We managed to get the Dodgers out in the top of the first and replied with a run courtesy of singles from the Man & MKR.The Dodgers bat's started firing in the next few innings giving Stan the run around at centerfield but his blinding catches kept us in the game.Our bats on the other hand were kept quiet by the Moose (Peter Moore) on the Hill .Frenchy had no option but go the distance as his relievers were both sore from previous outings and Hammer came up with some huge plays at short. As the game went on we were all waiting for the big come back and by the bottom of the 7th we were 7 down and could only tie. A couple of singles and a near bomb by MKR brought some life back into the team before I choked and hit into a double, game over. My pregame guestimate of 10 runs would win it proved spot on. We had 10 hits for the game but could not bunch them together and we gave them a few easy runs from errors or wild throws.Jonas Garcia's nice double to centre /right and MKR's line drive the hits of the day.We are still in the final race but must win our last 2 games at our true home.Thanks again to Treddas for umpiring and Jodie for scoring.

Hits: Stan, MKR, Hammer 2, Frenchy, Fame, Jonas & AJ 1

Division 6 (Coach: Chris Small)

Adelaide 20 d Sturt 14

Division 7 (Coach: Matt Chenoweth)

Henley & Grange 15 d Sturt 9

Under 17/1 (Coach: Mike Garcia/Dave Warburton)

Pt Adelaide 8 d Sturt 2

On a thankfully cool Sunday morning the boys made the trip to Pt Adelaide with their finals chances precariously balanced in a head-to-head tussle against the Magpies for the sixth and final playoff spot. The Saints were set back pre-game by the last minute loss of two key players due to injury and illness but those playing were determined to battle to the end with two U15 supersubs, Ethan Dawson and Samson Garcia, making his U17 debut, stepping up on short notice to fill the void.

Good pitching and fielding dominated the first three innings for both clubs with Josh Vidale at his best and firing bullets for the Saints. After Josh worked his way out of a bases loaded jam in the bottom of the 3rd, the score remained 0-0 and a tight game loomed. The Saints opened a 2-0 lead in the top of the 4th with a leadoff walk to Sam Stewart, a stolen base, a single to Jonas Garcia, a grounder to the right side by Josh to drive in the Saints' first run and a cracking single to rightcentre by Joel Edwards plating Jonas for the second run and the team was feeling upbeat Portside. The way Josh was pitching, that lead looked like a possibility to hold up. Unfortunately, the season long nemesis of untimely walks and errors came back to sting us in the bottom of the 4th. The Maggies answered the challenge by scoring 7 runs without recording an out on 4 hits, 4 walks and 2 Saint errors. That pretty much popped the balloon for the game and the season as we failed to trouble the scorer the rest of the way.

A big thanks to Samson and Ethan for playing for us after making the long journey to the spooky world of Powerland. Both took nice catches in left and centre fields respectively and there is a bright future at the club for those young men. Joel demonstrated his season long improvement in two appearances at the plate with a walk and the RBI single which was the best hit ball of the day for Sturt. It was great to welcome back to game action Luke Warburton from his 4 week stint with the pink leg cast. His playing heart is bigger than Dad's canteen tab. Joe Harvey returned from his summer travels as keen as ever and had a couple good plate appearances. Last but not least, Strappsy once again was great behind the plate at one of the toughest grounds in the league to play catcher.

Theresa was gold once again on the playbook and Claire sparling on the self designed pitch count sheet. Thanks for more awesome work by both Warby ladies.

Next up is an afternoon game at home against Kensy. We have a chance to atone for a Round 1 loss, so time to let our hair down and rock the last 2 games of the season.

Hits: Jonas Garcia, Joel Edwards 1 each
RBIs: Josh Vidale, Joel Edwards 1

Under 15/1 - Sturt (Coach: Jack Dawson/Mitch Dawson)

Sturt 7 def Goodwood 5

After a disappointing tie last week with Glenelg we dropped to 4th on the ladder and needed to put in a huge performance this week against a well drilled Goodwood side sitting in 3rd place to both lift us back into the top 3 and give us a needed boost of confidence heading into finals.

An emphasis this week has been to do all the 1 percenters and to really support and get around everyone in the team as we have been dropping our heads and losing focus too much in recent games.

This recent loss of focus was displayed again at the beginning of this game as we were unable to make an impact with the bat and gave up some early runs in the first inning. The boy's heads were down and the opposition was confident, however, this would turn out to be our best performance of the season by far.

With the opposition pitcher dominating early we were gifted our first run in the second. With Jamie Vidale on 3rd base, Goodwood forgot the number of outs and left the field with only 2 out allowing Jamie to steal home with ease. The boys got a huge lift of confidence from this and were able to claw back by doing the little things in the third and fourth innings. An RBI grounder to the right side of the field from Will Jordans scored Ethan Dawson in the third and a 10 pitch walk to Spencer Warrilow in the fourth with 2 out, led to multiple stolen bases and an RBI single to Ethan Dawson brought Spencer in to tie the game.

In the fifth we were able to blow the game open with a sacrifice RBI to Lachie Seekamp, a run from a passed ball to Zac Becker, and a huge home run to Jake Mossman made sure everyone remembered to stay up and about.

Up a couple of runs in the bottom of the last, Angus Catt was brought on to pitch after Zac Becker provided another brilliant display through the middle innings. Angus was able to shutout the game comfortably ensuring we ended up with the win in what was definitely the performance of the season for these lads who are beginning to gel really well heading towards the end of the season.

Hits: Jake Mossman (HR), Ethan Dawson, Zac Becker, Spencer Warrilow 1

Under 15/2 - Sturt (Coach: Mark Richmond/Andrew Vidale)

Sturt       0 5 1 0 0 0 (6)
East Torrens 0 0 1 0 1 0 (2)

Despite our relative positions on the ladder The Sox always manage to give us a shake up, and Sunday's game was way too close for comfort and a lucky win courtesy of Jake's grand-slam in the 2nd.

Our defensive game was helped yet again by good pitching and not really put to the test. Jamie started on the hill, throwing 10 K's and giving up only 1 hit, 1 walk and 1 ER. Spencer took over in the 5th and kept up the momentum, throwing 1 K and also giving up only 1 hit and 1 walk.

We made a couple of unforced errors in the infield that fortunately did no damage, but may be prove costly against a more skilled opponent.

Our offensive game wasn't bad, but we just couldn't convert and left too many on base.

Jake had a standout day with the bat with a grand slam to RF in the second innings and Jamie backed it up with a solo bomb to CF. Spencer went 2 from 4 including a double to LF, Austin doubled to CF, Finn got bat on ball consistently but was unlucky flying out to CF just short of the cones, and Big Jimmy A consolidated recent BP getting bat on ball twice including a single in the final dig.

As we head into the final two rounds on top of the ladder we will be honing our game in preparation for finals!!

Hits: Jake (GS), Jamie (HR) , Spencer (2b, single), Austin (2b), James (single)
Runs: Spencer, Jake, Jamie, Austin, Callum, Seb (1 each)
RBIs: Jake 4, Jamie 1

Under 15/2 - Saints (Coach: Tony Catt/Stan Warrilow)

Rams 15 Saints 8

Sunday's tussle against the Rams was our third encounter this season. In previous games we let ourselves down with decision making and execution. This week was a similar story.

Credit to the Rams. Their first pitcher allowed only one outfield hit to Zach A over 4 innings. With strikeouts matching walks we couldn't get any momentum and were playing catchup on the scoreboard. Tyler was LOB twice but we couldn't get him across.

Our good was good.

Ryder threw a gem with 68% in the strike zone and 10 punchouts over 4 innings. He was backed by two pickoffs to Brad at 3B and Samson making two outs from 2B. Shannon combined with Zach A for a nice 5 -6 double play. And then there was a 1-2 play that nabbed the Rams runner attempting to steal home on the throwback. Even the Rams coach was scratching his head at that one.

On the batting side, Nick got on three times. Lachie roosted a double to CF and Angela legged out a double to RF and plated two on a liner to CF.

The not so good? Let's just say on the path to 10,000 hours to achieve world class skills, Sunday's two hours was a real learning experience.

With both teams in the finals, let's work toward four being the charm. It all starts this week on the training track.

Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) (Coach: Nick Borello/Tom Becker)

Sturt 10 defeated Henley and Grange 9

The Henley and Grange little league field was the site of this week's clash between two finals destined teams. A truly nail biting game consisting of great pitching, aggressive base running and some questionable umpiring made it one to remember.

Max, Zach and Yeoryi took advantage of some early control issues from the young Henley pitcher by all three walking and coming home to score from wild pitches. Magnus and Jayden showed patience at the plate by getting on base with walks but were left stranded after Lachlan was robbed of a base hit after a very close play. Nevertheless, an early 3 run lead is always welcome against a top quality side.

Harry Hutton got the start today and pitched a very good game. Harry got off to a shaky start giving up 2 hits that eventuated in 2 runs to bring our initial lead to just one run. He found his rhythm though and sat down the next 3 hitters.

Our recipe to success today was that we continued to chip away each inning to keep the game close. The score line never differed from more than 3 runs which just sums up how close this game was.

By the end of the third inning the score was 5-2 with Harry finishing off his pitching campaign with 2 earned runs, 9 strikeouts and 79 pitches thrown through 3 innings of solid work. A remarkable start from Harry against a tough side.

By the bottom of the fourth, the score was still 5-2 after we couldn't squeeze a run through in the top half of the inning. Zach Altamura was given the ball with the pressure to close the game out. A shaky start with a hit-by-pitch and walk resulted in 2 runs crossing the plate. We didn't manage to scrape together anymore runs with the bats which meant it was a tight 5-4 game. Some more control issues led to us bleeding 2 runs and we were suddenly on the other end of the stick with the clock ticking away.

A quick chat to the boys from Frank and myself and they knew that it was now or never. A long inning against a struggling pitcher granted us 5 walks, a base hit and most importantly, 5 big runs.

Some very costly errors granted the Henley and Grange boys 3 runs and made the game a mere 10-9. Zach found the groove and sat the next two hitters before fielding a slow roller to end the game with Sturt the victors. Great job guys!

Special mention today to AJ who was playing his first game today, AJ did very well with 2 walks and made his way home to score a very important run. Thank you to Malene for scoring, Josh for pitch count and Frank for coaching first base.

2 - Zach Altamura (2B), 1 - Jayden Quabba
Runs Scored
3 - Zach Altamura, 2 - Max Becker and Yeoryi Perentes, 1 - AJ, Lachlan Kent and Jacob Willans

Little League Sturt (U11) (Coach: Jarred Holland )

STURT 4 d Southern District 0

It was a beautiful day at the most prettiest ground in south Australia if not Australia at Norman Reserve. After last week we were determined to keep the good times rolling.

The first innings saw Kale get a bit of a work out throwing 26 pitches and having to get out of a bit of trouble with some unseen errors but to the boys credit they worked as a Team to get out of it with no damage.

Our first go with the bats saw 1 walk and some unlucky hits to first to leave it nil all.

The next innings saw Kale find the zone a bit better with 2Kc but he was at his pitch count so Leo finished it off with a Kc too, well done.

Our next at bat was a little better with two walks and a hit but this did not end well with some boys watching strikes to finish the innings.

Next innings was all a great thing to watch with Leo getting a Kc then Jack at first base taking a catch then quickly touching his base to get a Double play, great work champ.

Our next at bat was a little nerve racking for the coaching staff we wanted to see these bats working and the boys stood up, Luke got a walk then Leo and Josh.H got safe hits to score him "love team baseball".

Next to the mound was Josh.A the leftie and at this moment the game came alive with the boys doing some great fielding to get his outs.

Our next at bat saw Aiden get a leed off walk and Sam smashed the ball which stayed in for a triple and got another run, then some more team hitting from Blake and Jack to see them get out but to score Sam , well done this is what we have enjoyed seeing all season Team effort.

JOSH.A. went back out to finish the game off with a little shaky start to the innings with a couple of walks then saw Po6-3Double play from Kale and Jack, then Jack did the rest with fielding and touching his base to finish the innings. FANTASTIC TEAM WORK. Ive coached two years with these boys and long ago my eldest son then before that guys who play with me now but i have never seen one of these Double plays at this level by us or anyone else. WOW.

With ten minutes still left to play we just had too eat some time with some patient at bats with 3 walks then Josh.H got a hit to seal the game with two more runs.

Well boys we WON but i think there is still more room to keep getting better with being ready to go from the first pitch to the last, keep having FUN and see what happens at the end of the season.

To everyone who helps out and to the scorer, pitch counter and to the coaching staff and to Jenne my fiancée thanks again for what you do for these young men . Big thanks to Ky Hampton for umpiring you did a great job.














J.Holland 2
S.Horley 1 (triple)
L.Garcia 1

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Newsletter 06/02/18

We are getting to the business end of the season with many important games that will define our year! Best wishes to all the teams in the run up to finals!

We also have a packed social calendar!

The Sturt Baseball Club is proud to be supporting Lace up for Lynne on our last home and away game for Division 1 on Sunday 25th February 2018. This charity event is to raise money for the Breast Cancer Network Australia. Tickets for the event are $35. Online bookings only

Our Quiz Night this year will be held on Friday 2nd March 2018.Tickets are $15.00 each. Only for sale online.

NOTE: This is a club fundraising event. Please bring food for your table but no drinks. Drinks will be available for sale over the bar.

RAFFLE: Please consider donating a raffle prize to the Sturt Quiz Night Raffle. Please speak with Adam Kerr or Wallace Long.

Please also mark in your diaries our Junior and Senior Presentation Day which will be held on Saturday 7th April 2018. Details are on our website or via our Facebook page.

For those of you new to the club, please join our Twitter feed, at Follow @sturt_baseball and our Facebook page.  You can also follow us on Instagram  and Youtube!


The Sturt Baseball Club thanks all of our sponsors for their generous support. If you require further information on sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Manager Jeff Nicholas on 0419 824 324.

Division 1 (Coach:Tom Brice)

The two games played this week resulted in a much needed two wins for the A Grade side, keeping us in the log jam that has formed between 4th and 8th place. Tuesday night saw a comprehensive win over Golden Grove, 14-1, in a 5 inning mercy.

Jackson Brebner-Russ threw all five innings, relinquishing just the one run and giving up only two hits.

Angus Roeger lead the way with the bat, picking up five rbis with two hits, including a grand slam to end the game.

Sunday's clash against local rivals turned out to be a nail biter.

We shot out to an early lead as a result of home runs to Jordan McArdle and Jackson Brebner-Russ.

Good at bats followed, up and down the line up. And, base hits to Paul Holmes and Connar O'Gorman saw the score blow out to 7-1.

Ky was as economical as ever on the mound and was able to take us into the 6th inning. Before this, some strong hitting resulted in 4 runs for the Goodwood side.

Damon Arnold was unable to hold the heavy hitters giving up 2 more rubs without registering an out. Replaced by Devon Barker, the flow of runs was stemmed for two innings.

Sturt managed to plate one more run in the 7th, which proved to be difference.

Entering the 9th inning with a two run lead, a poor umpiring call, an error and timely hitting allowed Goodwood to score another run.

A bases loaded, full count strike out, delivered by Brebner-Russ brought the game to an end.. an intense one run win. A huge win in the circumstances!

With a bye tonight we will be taking on Port at Port this Saturday in another incredibly important game.

Division 2 (Coach: Tom Faehse/Paul Holmes)

Sturt 18 d Goodwood 1

The Div 2 got off to a flying start on Sunday, nearly batting through the lineup twice in the top of the first inning. We managed to pile on 13 runs thanks to 6 hits, 4 walks, 2 HBP, 2 Errors and never took a backwards step from here. Alex Hopton and Adam Kerr picked up two hits and 2 and 3 RBI's respectively before Goodwood got their chance to hit. With plenty of game time left it was important to keep rolling with the momentum and put the game out of reach, which we did, batting through the lineup again in the top of the second inning. After two inning in the book, we were in complete control with the score sitting at 17-0. From here on out, the game lost a little intensity with only 1 run crossing the plate for Sturt and 1 for a deflated Goodwood.

Josh Tindall had the pitching duties and didn't give the Goodwood hitters a look in, dominating over 4 inning and finishing with a line of 3 hits, 6 K's, 2 walks & 1 earned run. Tinny was reluctantly relieved of his pitching duties and Aussie took over to close out the final inning. A dominate performance by the Div 2 lads secured an important win with the race for finals spots up for grabs.

HITS: Hopton, Kerr, Arnold 2, Wirth, Russo, Mulryan 1.

Division 3 (Coach: Tony Catt)

Sturt 5 d Goodwood 3

A last gasp four runs in the 7th and final innings was enough to get the Saints home after playing catch up baseball for most of the day. Trailing 3-1 after six innings Jake Powell drove home Brodie Macbeth and a two out double RBI from super sub Brad Strapps put the Saints up 5-3. That was the final score as Brodie nailed the door shut.

The stand out performer was Brodie. His relentless pressure on the batter throwing a remarkable 85 strikes from 108 pitches (78%) was a great response and example of constantly challenging the opposition batting. A clinical and dominant game on the mound throwing eight innings, striking out 11, and giving up 10 hits for just two earned runs speaks for itself.

Best with the bat today was Jared Holland the wily old veteran with two hits and an RBI. Jared's intensity and commitment are always evident and todays game was no different. He willed himself into a tight game and was one of the reasons we won. Close behind was Brad Strapps' with a very timely hit into no man's land at right field that turned into a game changer and a reminder of the young talent the club needs to continue to nurture.

The highlight in the field was none other than star outfielder Mick Trlin. With his father looking on after having travelled from the great state of NSW Mick managed a catch that coach Catt was quoted "as turning the simple into the impossible". The team manager was quoted as the flyball travelled to right field "that's a definite single mate, he's misjudged that". A startled and bespectacled gazelle suddenly appeared from nowhere, travelling full bore and with a steely gaze, dived full length horizontal to the left and low and behold the ball falls into the glove! Worth the flight was the comment after the game.

There were many good plays today and we won because we had a contribution in one form or another from everyone. Not to get carried away and with 3 errors as evidence we still have plenty to work on. Season now even at 7-7. Four games to go - the dream (post- season that is) is still alive.

Thank you to Sue Mulyran for another lovely scorebook.

Hits: Holland 2, Macbeth, Austin McClure, Strapps, Powell

RBI's: Strapps 2, Holland, McClure, Powell

Division 4 (Coach: Tom Winter)

Sturt 15 d Goodwood 4

Division 5 (Coach: Adrian Hill)

Adelaide 18 - Sturt 3 ( 22 hits to 5 )

Not much to write home about this week as we were undermanned and overwhelmed. With 4 regulars bailing out sick or working we relied on the Warrilow / Richmond father & son combo's to field a nine. We started well in the top of the 1st where we picked up 4 of our 5 hits to plate 2 runs but it went pear shaped soon after as the hard hitting Angels went on a rampage.Stan battled thru 4 digs but they kept hitting the holes and then I got hammered for the maximum in the 5th to finish the game off and get into the Corona's early.We will get players back and rebound next week in a must win game against Golden Grove.Congratulations to Spencer Warrilow and Tyler Stevens from the U15's for their efforts and to our loyal supporter's and scorer for getting up early and making the trip to the local trotting track.

Hits: Stan, Fame, Richo, Kosi & Tyler.

Division 6 (Coach: Chris Small)

West Torrens 16 d Sturt 2

Division 7 (Coach: Matt Chenoweth)

Kensington 23 d Sturt 12

Under 17/1 (Coach: Mike Garcia/Dave Warburton)


Under 15/1 - Sturt (Coach: Jack Dawson/Mitch Dawson)

Sturt 4 - Glenelg 4

After a tight win last game out, the boys were looking to start strong against a mid table team in Glenelg at home.
We started the game very strong in the field as Zac Becker put up an impressive 4 shutout innings including 7 strikouts while only giving up 2 hits. During these 4 innings with the bats we score 1 run in each from the help of a triple and 2 RBI's from Ethan Dawson, 4 stolen bases from Zac Becker a well struck single to Samson Garcia and a hard hit ground rule double for Tyler Stephens.

Up 4-0 going into the 5th Austin Parkinson came on and did his job keeping Glenelg off base with 2 strikouts. The inning could have turned out a lot different if not for a majestic superman dive in centerfield by Will Jordans to send the leadoff hitter back to the dugout. With momentum on our side we were unfortunately unable to put the game to bed in the 5th and 6th innings with runners left on base in both digs. This proved costly as we struggled in the field with multiple costly errors resulting in Glenelg scoring the deficit to bring the game back to level with time having run out.

A tie out of this game was disappointing for the boys, especially because of how the game ended, however, this is a huge wake up call before finals which I think will benefit the team to remind them of the required intensity needed to win.

Hits: Tyler Stephens 2, Ethan Dawson, Zac Becker, Samson Garcia 1

Under 15/2 - Sturt (Coach: Mark Richmond/Andrew Vidale)


Under 15/2 - Saints (Coach: Tony Catt/Stan Warrilow)

Saints 8 d Magpies 5

The disjointed second half of the season continued on Sunday where a short handed Saints faced off against the Magpies at Semaphore.

The sea breeze was blowing in which took the sting off a 33 temp at first pitch. The breeze also affected the batters timing with only five Saints hits over six innings and nine infield outs. The Maggies pitching was affected as well with 10 walks.

Our rotation of Ryder, Angela and Angus held it together through some tight situations to allow the batters the chance to string consecutive hits in the 6th to keep our noses ahead and come away with the points after 2 hours play.

Lachie S was great behind the dish with only 3 pitches of 127 getting past him. Gunning down two at 2nd made the Magpies runners think twice.

Thanks to Callum for filling in while getting on base three times. Lachie H, Nick and Zac all plated runs Thanks to Ethan from the Magpies who manned RF and showed he was not an easy out with QABs against his team mates.

With a finals spot now secured, the group needs to focus on getting the skill levels back up to pre-Xmas form for the run home.

Report from 21 January 2018-Under 15 Saints 12 defeated east TORRENS 8

Welcome back to January baseball. Temperature at first pitch: 34C and no breeze. The furnace at Fenway.

All players were a bit rusty and hot in the first inning with both teams scoring four.

Things settled down between the 2nd and 4th innings with average 18 pitch innings as the skills returned and players got used to the conditions. Scores 8 apiece after four.

We broke free in the 5th with aggressive base running and safe hits off their tiring pitcher.

Samson plated our 12th run on BB SB WP WP. It was getting tough out there.

Lachie H, Angus, Ryder and Brad barrelled two hits each.

Angela drew 2 HPBs from their pitcher who she HPBed back in October. Can't wait for their next meeting!

RBIs to Nick, Shannon and Alex who made some nice plays at second.

Our pitchers got 12Ks on 15 outs. Ten were swinging strikeouts so the Red Sox batters were having a go.

Angela and Ryder each had 3 strikeouts and Angus with 6 in last two innings to close out.

With next week being a bye, lets use the time to get in more practice and lift our skills for the short run home.

Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) (Coach: Nick Borello/Tom Becker)

Sturt 11 defeated Hawks 5

Another hot Sunday brought with it more empty sunscreen bottles and some long groans from the boys. However the Saints kept their cool and came away with a nice 6 run win after some unhittable pitching and top class hitting.

Zach started on the mound today and went to work straight away by sitting down the lead off hitter. Some little early control issues led to a couple of walks but Zach struck the right chord and sat down the next 2 hitters.

Jacob and Max got the ball rolling today by both getting base hits to lead off the inning and show the Hawks that we meant business. The young opposing pitcher must have been a bit shook up as he walked Yeoryi, Zach and Jack which brought in some key runs. I won't bore you with the nitty gritty details and sum it up as a 'walk-a-thon' resulting in a nice 5 runs on our side of the scoreboard.

Zach was on point today and chalked up another 3 strikeouts in the 2nd and another 3 in the 3rd. Zach ended his great day on the mound with 9 strikeouts, 3 walks, no earned runs and a total of 60 pitches thrown.

Jacob led of the 2nd inning and continued his good day with a leadoff walk. A couple of stolen bases later and a nicely placed ground ball from Yeoryi he was dusting himself off in the dugout. We didn't manage to scrape together any more runs but the boys were determined to fatten the lead in the 3rd. Patience at the plate granted walks to Magnus, Drew, Jacob, Max and Yeoryi before the number four hitter, Zach Altamura stepped up to the plate and took an inside pitch straight to the big gap in left field. We had some luck with the ball coming to a stop just before the cones and Zach cleared the bases and made a dash for home after a bad throw. It ended up being scored as a 4 RBI home run. Great job mate!

Jacob was next to take the mound. Jacob started very well with 2 quick outs with some help from the Oscar at first. Jacob then struggled to find the zone and had a tough time which is understandable as it was his first time on the mound since the Christmas break.

Unfortunately a lot of walks meant a lot of runs and 5 lucky Hawks hitters ended up crossing the plate. Nevertheless, it didn't really hurt our 11 run lead.

Harry took the mound in the final inning and closed out the game very well with 3 strikeouts and 0 earned runs. Great job mate! Way to clinch the deal.

The boys played very well today with some in accurate pitching forcing them to be patient at the plate (13 walks). Special mention to Max Becker who caught the full game and had a nice day with the bat. Also wanted to mention Lachlan Kent who was supportive on the bench and got a great hit to right field. Keep it up mate!

I'm do apologise to the guys who didn't get much of a game today, 4 subs made it pretty difficult to manage. Thank you to Sally for scoring, Malene for pitch count, Frank for setting up the field and Tom Becker for helping out at the end of the game. Next week it's the long car ride over to Henley and Grange for which is certain to be a great game so try and get down there as it will be a very competitive matchup. Make sure all the boys bring their A-game.

1 Hit - Zach Altamura (HR), Max Becker, Oscar Levinson, Jacob Willans and Lachlan Kent
Runs Scored
3 - Jacob Willans, 2 - Max Becker, Zach Altamura, 1 - Jack Becker, Oscar Levinson, Yeoryi Perentes and Drew Edwards.

Little League Sturt (U11) (Coach: Jarred Holland )

STURT 20- Glenelg 3

This week we went and played down at the bay and the word of the day was "to be aggressive with the bats ", and thats what the young men did scoring maximum runs every innings. The boys recorded 15 hits with some really aggressive base running it was really great to see the hard work we do at training is really paying off.

With our pitchers today Kale did what he knows best and pounded the strike zone with 2 great innings. Then Leo had his chance to throw and with some great work in the field from Archie to get him out of a jam, to finish off the leftie Josh A did not let the team down he got his outs with some great fielding from Williem "well done".

It is fantastic to see some of the things we work on at training is coming into the game with fielding the boys are playing great as a team, lets keep this up and to keep improving and stay hungry for more hits.

To my coaching staff Aaron , Ralph, Jimmy and Ky , without you guys these boys wouldnt be able to stay focused for the game.

To my fantastic scorer Lorissa and to Ann for pitch counting thanks for keeping the game in check.














J.Holland 2
K.Mattews-Hampton 2
G.Hennessey 2
A.Thornton 2
J.Destino 2
J.Altamura 2
S.Horley 1
L.Garcia 1
T.Passmore 1

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Newsletter 24/01/18

Welcome back to our Junior teams who kicked off the second half of the season last weekend! With extreme weather conditions forecast for this weekend, can all teams please check the Bureau of Meteorology website or our Facebook page for updates.

For those of you new to the club, please join our Twitter feed, at Follow @sturt_baseball and our Facebook page.  You can also follow us on Instagram  and Youtube!


The Sturt Baseball Club thanks all of our sponsors for their generous support. If you require further information on sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Manager Jeff Nicholas on 0419 824 324.

Division 1 (Coach:Tom Brice)

Sturt 7 d Glenelg 5

The A grade side followed up Tuesday's good win over Port with another great team performance, defeating Glenelg.

After relinquishing one run in the first, we were quick to respond as Dylan Ridding dispatched a homerun to right-centre field.

Josh Tindall pitched three solid innings before he was replace by Damon Arnold, scores tied at 3 a piece. Arnold was quick to settle in and cruised through the following 5 innings.

It was the 7th inning that the deadlock was broken. Great at bats and some good bunting, up and down the line up, created enough pressure on the opposing defense. This resulted in some coslty errors of which we took full advantage, scoring 4 runs.

With Arnold tiring slighlty in his 6th inning of work, Glenelg were able to peg two runs back in the ninth before Tyler Chappell was brought in to get the final out, coming with a stike out.

Hits: Ridding, O'Gorman, Brice 2, Holmes, Chappell 1.
We take on Southern District away tonight looking to our continue our winning ways.

Division 2 (Coach: Tom Faehse/Paul Holmes)

Sturt 5, Glenelg 5

Aussie McClure earnt his first start for the B grade this year and didn't let us down. Aussie took to the mound and was dominant through the first three inning, only allowing 2 base runners from 1 hit and 1 HBP from 30 pitches. With 1 out in the fourth, the Glenelg hitters managed to bunch 3 hits and a HBP to score 3 runs, putting some pressure back on the young Sturt starter. Aussie was up to the task and retired the next two hitters and getting us out of the inning without any more damage being done. A solid performance by Aussie had him finish his pitching duties with stats of 4 inning, 4 hits, 4K's, 2 HBP, 3 earned runs, 1 unearned run from 79 pitches. Brodie took over the on the mound and held the bays to only 1 run over the remaining 2 inning. Offensively Alex Hopton was the stand out, picking up 2 doubles, a single and 4 RBI's. We had a few opportunities but couldn't capitalize with runners in scoring position but still came away with a 5 all draw.

HITS: Hopton 3, Adkins, Stewart, Russo, Kerr 1.

Division 3 (Coach: Tony Catt)

Round 13 - Sturt 0 @ Glenelg 10

Playing against the best team in the division the boys had a crack. Glenelg hasn't lost a game for the season and with a first-class pitcher and over a 1000 games of A grade experience they are a formidable opponent. Enough of the opposition.

Nick Borrello took the mound and for 2.2 innings did a great job and the only reason he was relieved was to enable him to pitch U19's on Wednesday nights. His breaking ball strike out of a highly credentialed Glenelg batter to end the first innings was a moment he should remember. Nick needs to keep working on his pitching (go to training Nick) and who knows how good he could be.

Nick was relieved by Brett Mulryan who had a dig he would prefer to forget, and Liam Lucas pitched the remaining 2.1 innings giving up just the one hit and no earned runs for what was his best pitching performance of the season so far. With these young men they're like a box of chocolates as you're never quite sure what you're going to get.

Pleased to report that the fielding was first class with no errors recorded. Liam was sensational (as always!) in the outfield, Brett took a terrific pop fly running backwards at SS that had the crowd holding their collective breath and Jake Powell threw a "double" for the 4th out of the last innings much to the mirth of his team mates. Much improved from last week.

Unfortunately, the two Glenelg pitchers sliced through the team with 9 strikeouts and no walks from 22 at bats.

Thank you to Sue Mulyran for another lovely scorebook and Tom Winter for hanging around and helping.

Hits: Brett Mulryan, Austin McClure, Brad Strapps

Division 4 (Coach: Tom Winter)

Sturt 8 d Glenelg 3

Division 5 (Coach: Adrian Hill)

Sturt 9 d Southern Districts 2

South 1,0,0,1,0,0,0 Sturt 5,0,0,0,2,2. We kicked off 2018 at home against last years premiers South's and we continued where we left off in 2017.Stan was keen to get back on the hill and didn't disappoint.He threw 3 solid digs only giving up a run in the top of the first from a bleeder. We came out firing in the bottom of the first and hit through the line up to plate 5 runs and stamp our authority.The game tightened up from there with both pitchers dominating. South's hitters went deep on a few occasions but our defence left their runners stranded. Frenchy pitched the next 3 digs with the same effect as Stan while our infielders Magic Mike at 2nd & Hammer at short mopped up everything.The 5th & 6th innings we went on the attack again and picked up more runs on some good hits and bleeders (me in particular).Top of the 7th and up by 7 we couldn't lose, so I jumped on the mound and finished it off.This was a top quality game with no walks and only a couple of errors in total.The lads now have the belief that we can challenge the top two sides and a couple more wins should see us maintain 3rd spot and a finals berth.Special mention goes to Sam Stewart who played his first senior game and did a great job at centre field and picked up a safe hit (RBI).Thanks to Elvis for being the 10th man, Smally for umpiring (who was keen to pay me back form the previous game) and Jodie for scoring.

Hits & Memories: Richo, Fame, Magic Mike, Colonel 2, Stan, Frenchy, Hammer, Kosi, Sam 1

Division 6 (Coach: Chris Small)

Sturt 12 d Hawks 4

Division 7 (Coach: Matt Chenoweth)

Sturt 15 d GGCD 7

Under 17/1 (Coach: Mike Garcia/Dave Warburton)

Glenelg 10 Sturt 2

On a sweltering morning at beautiful Norman Reserve the Saints faced the Tigers in the only meeting of the season between the two teams. With the Weather Gods playing havoc with the intended resumption of training after the long break, it was no wonder both teams were a bit rusty. The Tigers eventually pulled away for a 10-2 victory in a game much closer than the score would indicate.

Jonas started on the mound and threw super well for 2+ innings before succumbing to the heat and some shaky fielding support in the 3rd inning. It's been an unfortunate Achilles Heel throughout the year that giving the opposition extra outs in many innings of many games has put unwarranted pressure on the pitchers and run up pitch counts. After giving up an unearned run in the top of the first, the boys replied turning a walk, a couple singles and some heads up base running into 2 runs to open up a 2-1 lead.

Glenelg went 3 up 3 down in the top of the 2nd thanks to a great throw from Bradley to nail a would-be base stealer at second. Strappsy was outstanding the whole game in conditions that would test even the most experienced catchers. The Saints bats went quiet for the rest of the game while Glenelg parlayed some fielding miscues and a few nice hits into 9 runs over the 3rd and 5th innings to put the game away. Josh threw well for 3 innings in relief and was one who showed little effect of the long break.

Thanks to Zac Becker, Will Jordans and Ethan Dawson for filling in and doing a good job. Will's backing up play when needed from his right field spot was a one percenter the coaches were looking for.

Next weekend it's off to Gawler. The forecast is not looking promising at this point for either training or playing so we'll keep an eye on BOM and hope for the best.

Hits: Jonas Garcia, Bradley Strapps, Zac Becker 1 each
RBIs: Jonas Garcia 1

Under 15/1 - Sturt (Coach: Jack Dawson/Mitch Dawson)

Sturt 10 defeated Red Rangers 6

For our first game of 2018 we came up against a freshly formed hybrid team from Gawler and Northern Districts who came pumped and ready to play.

From the warmup it was clear that fatigue from the heat was getting to most of the lads as our whole team had to play a game directly before in either the u17's or u15 2's. This psychological and physical fatigue caused the lads to play with little enthusiasm and it only got tougher as we were down 2-6 after 2 innings from a series of walks and a 3 run home run.

The boys' heads were down but that home run became the perfect fuel to fire our bats as Zac Becker hit a solo home run to lead off the 3rd inning and sparked some life back into the boys. After this the ball was handed to Austin Parkinson on the mound who helped the team keep up the pressure by sitting down his first 3 batters in a row and not giving up a single hit over his 2 innings pitched.

Heading into the bottom of the 4th, which turned out to be the last, we were down 3-6 but there was belief in the dugout when hits from Tyler Stephens, Zac Becker, a timely 2-run single from Spencer Warrilow, and some impressive base stealing from Ethan Dawson, Will Jordans, Jake Mossman and Tyler Stephens helped bring in the maximum 7 runs for the inning to give us the win.

It was impressive to see the boys' resilience out on the field in what was their second game in a row on a 36-degree day. This was a very important win to boost the confidence of the team and get them firing for an important second half of the season.

Hits: Becker 2 (HR); Mossman, Warrilow, Stephens 1
RBI: Warrilow 2; Becker, Mossman, Stephens 1
Stolen Bases: Dawson 4; Jordans, Mossman, Stephens 3

Under 15/2 - Sturt (Coach: Mark Richmond/Andrew Vidale)

U15/2 - Sturt 12 d Port Adelaide 1

First game back after the Christmas break, and all of the boys needed to blow off some cobwebs. Warm up was the first training that we have had as the weather has not been kind, not very kind on game day either.

Game plan: Drink lots and concentrate on the basics, the longer we field, the longer we are in the sun. The boys delivered.

We lost Fin early to illness paired with heat, down to 8. Spencer started on the hill and warmed up to throw 8 strike outs for his time and the rest of the crew didn't let much past at all, they did score 1 off of a ripper hit to our gap in the outfield. Jamie finished the pitching for us throwing 2 strike outs in his total of 17 pitches.

Our time offensively, they all tried to have fun and stay cool, all eager to steal bases and all eager to get a hit. Tyler, Spencer and James all had safe hits, Seb, a nice double and Jake, double and single.

The game was called early as the heat was starting to take a bit out of everybody and the boys had themselves a nice advantage on the scoreboard. Thank you Jake Parkinson for scoring and Stan Warrilow for umpiring, and all who came to support and brave the weather.

Under 15/2 - Saints (Coach: Tony Catt/Stan Warrilow)

U15/2 Saints 12 d East Torrens 8

Little League 2 - Sturt (U13) (Coach: Nick Borello/Tom Becker)

Sturt 15 defeated Goodwood 1

The first game back from the much needed summer break fell on a 36 degree day making this week's game a real test for the young under 13s. However the team didn't crack despite the harsh conditions by coming up with a 14 run win!

The starter for Goodwood had some early control issues which didn't seem to fizzle out with young lad giving up 4 walks and 3 hits in the first inning. One heat induced blood nose later we were given another pitcher and the first inning began to feel like fourth as the clock ticked away. The new pitcher found some rhythm but nevertheless, the Saints had dealt their damage with Max, Oscar, Yeoryi, Zach and Lachlan all getting on base and crossing the plate giving us the maximum 5 runs. Good way to start the second half of the season if you ask me.

Zach was given the ball today and did a tremendous job on the mound. He faced some early control issues and some very questionable umpiring which led to one lucky Goodwood hitter making his way home in the first inning. Nonetheless, Zach found the groove and shutdown the Goodwood offence for the remainder of his campaign. We couldn't damage the opposition in the second inning with Harry and Oscar both getting hits but unfortunately getting stranded at second and third. The boys didn't allow the Goodwood defence to rest much longer though with the third inning chalking up outfield hits to Jacob, Zach, Jayden and Harry with Ciaran, Lachlan, Jacob, Jayden and Harry all crossing the plate to give us another 5 runs. Great job!
Pitching and defence remained solid today with just the one run scoring. Defensive highlight of the day today was an eye opening double play in which Harry tagged an eager runner trying to push his luck and go for second base before throwing home to allow Max to tag another aggressive baserunner. That's the beauty of under 13s. Great heads up play!

A 3 up 3 down 5th inning then another 5 run inning ended our batting campaign with the stats showing 15 runs, 15 walks and 13 hits to our side of the scoreboard. One of our best days at the plate! Even better news is that everyone got on base today!

Zach ended his day on the mound with 12 strikeouts! Harry came on in the 5th inning and placed a worried look on the coaching staff after walking the first 2 hitters. After a quick mound visit to slow down the tempo, in typical Harry Hutton fashion, Harry struck out the next 2 hitters before getting some help from Jacob at first base to get out of the situation. Harry found his rhythm in the 6th inning by striking out the side! Special mention to Max Becker who caught the entire game and did a great job behind the plate.

Well a 15-1 victory was actually much needed for the team as we are falling behind on the runs scored and conceded leader board. Well done to all the players today with everyone contributing to the team in one way or another. The first game back has shown signs of players finding some good form and hopefully we can continue winning and remain the team to beat!

Thank you to Jody for scoring at the last minute, Josh for pitch count and Frank for pre-game help.

4 - Harry Hutton, 3 - Jacob Williams, 2 - Zach Altamura, Oscar Levinson, 1 - Max Becker, Jayden Quabba
Runs Scored
3 - Lachlan Kent, 2 - Max Becker, Zach Altamura, Yeoryi Perentes, Ciaran Behan, 1 - Harry Hutton, Oscar Levinson, Jacob Williams, Jayden Quabba.

Little League Sturt (U11) (Coach: Jarred Holland )

STURT 14 - Adelaide 3

Welcome back boys after the Christmas break. As a coach you get worried about coming back after a long time not playing if everyone is fit or as keen as when you finished but to these young man they showed that the fight was still there in there belly. As we where warming up I told them if you can hit it then try and they took that into the game scoring a maximum 5 runs in 2 innings and 4 in another.WOW!

Kale started for us and did not let us down throwing lots of strikes and hard ones at that for 2 innings.

Little Leo did his thing too get out of his innings after given the coach a scary to get out of a jam.

The lefty Josh.A finished the game off with a 14 pitch innings. GREAT EFFORT!

Fielding today there were only a few plays but it was Archie who stood out stopping everything that came his way not get the outs but not letting them get extra base. WELL DONE!

As I said the hit was OUTSTANDING today with everyone keen to get on board even with the hot weather.

Lets keep it going with only a handfulof games to go and see where we end up.

Thanks to Aaron for scoring without Williem been there to Jimmy for first base coach and to Ralph for keeping the boys under control on the bench.













A.Becker 3
J.Holland 3
S.Horley 2
G.Hennessey 1
A.Lapthorne 1
K.Mattews-Hampton 1
J.Altamura 1

..:: message posted on Wednesday the 24th of January, 2018 08:11:36 ::..

Twilight win 16/01/18

Last night's twilight game win, against Port Adelaide, broke a run of poor form and a 5 game losing streak for the A grade side. This run has seen the team drop from 2nd to 7th place on the ladder.

Welcoming back Ky Hampton, Harry Knuckey and Aussie McClure from their fantastic U/18 Nationals performance, their winning ways continued. Ky was outstanding on mound, throwing 6 inning without giving up a run, while Harry took a spectacular catch in centerfield at a pivotal moment of the game.

The rest if the team did a great job against one of the leagues best import pitchers. Being able to grind out at bats resulted in wearing down the right hander to where he finally started making some mistakes in the 6th inning. Deadlocked at 0-0 until then, McCardle, Roeger, Brebner-Russ and finally Ridding had consecutive base hits, resulting in 3 runs.

This was all we needed as the clock ticked over and no new inning could begin.

Hopefully the hard fought win will act as a season momentum changer and get us moving in the right direction.

We take on Glenelg at home this Sunday, 3pm.

Hope to see you there!

..:: message posted on Wednesday the 17th of January, 2018 23:30:24 ::..

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