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Our President Phil Robinson keeps you up to date with all that is happening within the Club with a regular President's Report. If you have items to contribute please email Phil Robinson

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Special Council Meeting Tues 2 Oct

I write to advise you that the Rescission Motion previously advised to you, will now be presented to a Special Meeting of the Mitcham Council on Tuesday 2 October 2007 at 7.30 pm.

The Revised Rescission Motion together with the Agenda for Tuesday night's meeting is on the Mitcham Council website. Click here to access the Agenda

I have written to the Council to speak at the Council meeting which has been granted.

I would ask interested members of the Sturt Baseball Club to attend this Council Meeting.

..:: message posted on Friday the 28th of September, 2007 15:21:37 ::..

Council Recission Motion Delayed

I received the message below from the Mitcham Council at 5.40 pm on Monday 24th September 2007. This means the Rescission Motion will now not be heard until Tuesday 2 October 2007. I know a number of you were intending on attending so please note that it is now delayed by a week.

"Good Afternoon,

Members were supplied with a copy of Cr. Perry's rescission motion relating to the Sturt Baseball Club on Friday. The intent was for Council to consider this motion at tomorrow night's meeting.

It is necessary to withdraw this motion from the agenda as it was only finalised on Friday and this does not meet the required period of notice which is 5 clear days; not 3 clear days as previously discussed at the briefing last week.

I have asked members of their availability for a Special Meeting of Council to consider this matter and the first available nights this week (Thursday and Friday) will not be suitable. As such I have scheduled the Special Meeting for next Tuesday 2 October commencing at 7.30 p.m.

I trust this will not disadvantage you and thank your in anticipation for your assistance."

..:: message posted on Monday the 24th of September, 2007 19:08:24 ::..

Apology to Councillor Perry

I have had a phone call this morning from Councillor Ian Perry, complaining about the wording in my Presidents Report “Negotiations with Council”.

This was my first contact with Councillor Perry, he was most concerned the words of this report may be misinterpreted.

“Last night I was not able to outline to members the nature of those negotiations as I needed to first get the Sturt Baseball Club Committee approval to the compromise position reached with Council Administration. I obtained that approval at a special meeting of the Senior Committee last night and conveyed this to Council this morning”.

“I am now able to advise you that following these negotiations, Councillor Ian Perry is putting forward to Full Council on Tuesday 25th September 2007 a Rescission Motion”.

On reflection I fully understand the nature of Councillor Perry’s concerns and advise that:

Councillor Perry’s Motion to Rescind was voluntary, and was in no way influenced by any negotiations between Sturt Baseball Club with Mitcham Council Administration.

On behalf of the Sturt Baseball Club, I sincerely apologise to Councillor Perry for any confusion the wording in this report may have caused.

..:: message posted on Saturday the 22nd of September, 2007 13:19:21 ::..

Negotations with Council

Thank you to all of you who attended the informal meeting of members held at the Club on Thursday night.

At that time, I updated members on progress. I indicated that at that meeting Glenn Young and myself had on Wednesday 19th September 2007 met with the Acting Chief Executive of the Mitcham Council, Kevin Powell and the Mayor Ivan Brooks together with George Forbes to negotiate a resolution the Norman Reserve matter.

Last night I was not able to outline to members the nature of those negotiations as I needed to first get the Sturt Baseball Club Committee approval to the compromise position reached with Council Administration. I obtained that approval at a special meeting of the Senior Committee last night and conveyed this to Council this morning.

I am now able to advise you that following these negotiations, Councillor Ian Perry is putting forward to Full Council on Tuesday 25th September 2007 a Rescission Motion.

You can download the Rescission Motion by clicking here.

The Sturt Baseball Club is grateful to the Council Administration and to Councillor Perry for putting forward this motion.

The passing of this Rescission Motion is critical to resolving the Norman Reserve matter and I would ask that you allow councillors to consider this motion without emailing them before the vote.

In the spirit of cooperation that has characterised our negotiations with the Mitcham Council, I have agreed to reschedule one senior game whilst the nets are put in place.

If you are interested in attending the Council Meeting on Tuesday night at 7.00 pm you can do so, however I must emphasise that there are strict process rules, almost like a court room, where you would have to sit and listen but not comment. I have asked as many of the Senior and Junior Committee of our club to attend this meeting.

You can also access the Full Council Agenda for Tuesday night by clicking here

I should also advise you that I met with the Minister of Recreation and Sport the Hon Michael Wright yesterday. The Minister was very sympathetic to our position and also clarified for me that the Women’s Memorial Playing Grounds would never be an option for us. I am very grateful to the Minister for meeting with me and providing a range of helpful advice.

If you wish to attend the Council Meeting on Tuesday night I would reiterate how important it is for us to demonstrate the high standards of discipline which have made our Club the most successful junior club in the South Australian Baseball League.

I will write to you after Tuesday night’s Council meeting.

Thanks again for all your support.

..:: message posted on Friday the 21st of September, 2007 20:25:48 ::..

Update from Senior Committee

I write to update you on the position of the Sturt Baseball Club in relation to Norman Reserve, following a meeting of the Senior Committee earlier this evening

I would also like to invite Club Members to an informal meeting on Thursday 20th September 2007 at the Club from 7.00pm in order that the Committee can brief you on the actions that we have taken on behalf of our club. A BBQ will be available from 6.00 pm.

The Bar will be open and our Treasurer will also be present so why not pay your membership fees on this night as well so you can take advantage of our discount rate if your fees are paid in full before the first game! If you are not a player you can also join up as a Non-Playing Member of our Club for just $30. You can sign up online!

The Sturt Baseball Club has for the last two years worked tirelessly with the Mitcham Council in order to reach a satisfactory outcome for both parties. Unfortunately the restrictions placed upon the Sturt Baseball Club by Council at its meeting of 28 August 2007 were so restrictive, coupled with the potential further legal action of residents that the Club had no alternative but to seek legal advice on our position.

I am now able to advise members that a letter, which was endorsed out of session by the Sturt Baseball Club Senior Committee has been sent to the Mitcham Council on Tuesday 11th September 2007 which outlines our position.

In essence the position of the Sturt Baseball Club is that Council's proposal to prevent the playing of baseball (clearly a recreational/sporting purpose) at Norman Reserve by those of the Club's members who are more than 13 years old is unfair, discriminatory and entirely unenforceable. In the absence of a legally compelling justification to the contrary, the Club rejects the Council's unilateral imposition of this unlawful restriction of use.

As such the Sturt Baseball Club has advised the South Australian Baseball League to schedule senior games on Norman Reserve for the forthcoming 2007/08 season.

The Club recognizes that proper risk management is an important social and legal responsibility. As suggested by the VRA Risk Report dated 4 June 2007, the Club will undertake a detailed audit of the number of balls exiting Norman Reserve over the forthcoming summer season in the manner recommended in the Report. The findings of that audit will be shared with Council next year. The Club considers the erection of nets at this time is premature and that the consideration of additional nets or fences should be based on the objective data found from the audit over the summer season.

The Sturt Baseball Club has always cooperated with the Mitcham Council in considering exploring alternative options in terms of a future home. However the view of the Club is that a viable alternative option needs to be put to the Club. Nobody is going to move out of their home if they don't have another one to go to! As such if a viable alternative cannot be located, then the Sturt Baseball Club has signalled its intention to the Council to commence negotations to extend it current lease on Norman Reserve.

In addition due to the uncertainty of finding an alternative ground, the Club has also indicated to Council that we no longer wish to continue to agree to adjourn the proceedings in the Environment, Resources and Development Court in relation to Development Application to build Indoor Batting Tunnels at Norman Reserve. We believe the Council should defend it previous decision to approve us building the batting tunnels.

I look forward to seeing you at Norman Reserve this summer season and let's get on with what we are here for- to play baseball!!

Go the Saints!!

Phil Robinson

..:: message posted on Thursday the 13th of September, 2007 07:08:08 ::..

Update on Norman Reserve

Further to my Open Letter to members last week I write to update you on actions taken by your Senior Committee. You can view this Open Letter and this current update on our Sturt Baseball Club website at: http://www.sturtbaseballclub.org.au/

The Senior Committee has appointed a Media Advisor, Will Frogley who is assisting us with a media campaign in relation to the future of the Sturt Baseball Club.

A Press Release was put out last Friday to all Media outlets in South Australia, which resulted in extreme interest from the media. ABC Radio and Channel 10 immediately picked up the story.

As a result of this media coverage, I have been overwhelmed with calls and emails not only from club members but also members of the general public, who are horrified by the prospect of ball sports being banned from a sporting ground.

It has been suggested to me that if other sporting grounds in Australia were required to complete a Risk Assessment in the same way that we have to conduct one at Norman Reserve there would be few sporting grounds in Australia which would not come out with some risks. Does this mean that we need to stop playing football, cricket, golf and baseball because some of these sporting grounds are close to residents and roads? Many members have called me to talk about other sporting grounds which are close to main roads and are asking why is Sturt Baseball Club being singled out?

A number of Mitcham Council ratepayers have contacted me to talk about sporting grounds in this Council District and are asking have they been subjected to the same risk assessment?

Earlier today the issue was addressed on the 5AA Sports Show with KG and Cornsey. I was interviewed on air and I also note that a number of our members particularly our junior players called and expressed their concerns.

In closing their program tonight KG and Cornsey indicated that they had never had so many emails on one topic before in the history of the show!!!! This is an outstanding achievement by our members and other sports minded people in South Australia who are appalled at the conditions being placed on the Sturt Baseball Club. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members in our club who have taken the time to assist in providing emails to the 5 AA Sports Show. If you have not done so already please send an email to: sport@fiveaa.com.au or call the program on 8223 0000. I understand that 5AA are trying to get a comment from the Council on this matter.

As you know the key issue is that the Club cannot justify taking a loan from the Council for $20,000 with so many conditions placed upon it, including the threat of a legal injunction on putting up the nets even before we buy them and also the fact that council has imposed a condition that if we have not got another ground in 6 months that they will review their decision to allow us to play at the ground even with the nets. Click here to view the Council Minutes from that meeting.

I have also met with the Federal Member for Boothby Dr Andrew Southcott who has also expressed his concerns about the Council decision. Andrew has undertaken to speak with Councillors about the issue and the importance of our club to be able to play baseball.

Nicole Cornes the ALP Candidate for Boothby attended our club on Sunday and has also been extremely concerned about the future of our club. I understand that she will be issuing a Press Release on this matter in the near future.

I have also spoken to the Office of Recreation and Sport who have advised me that Minister Wright would be pleased to meet with me about this matter. I have scheduled an appointment to meet with him in the near future.

On the basis of the overwhelming support I have received from members and also the general public, the Sturt Baseball Club Senior Committee is now obtaining legal opinion on the options open to us with a view to playing all our Senior games at Norman Reserve. At this stage I have advised the SABL not to reschedule our Senior Games but to leave them at Norman Reserve. Following legal advice today I am cautiously optimistic that we will be able to continue to play baseball on this ground as we have done so for the past 46 years, at least until the end of our lease in 2011. I would also advise our members that as a Committee we have placed on hold all decisions documented in my Open Letter pending further legal advice.

The overwhelming public reaction that I have received via emails, phone calls and people speaking with me is that the Sturt Baseball Club has been extremely accommodating in regard to these matters and the time for being so accommodating is past with the need for us to move forward for all Australians who love sport and continue to fight for our right to play senior baseball at Norman Reserve!

The Eastern Courier will cover this issue in detail in this week’s edition. A range of other media outlets have also expressed an interest in this story.

Our club can only become stronger with the united way that all of our members (many of whom are Mitcham Council rate payers) have expressed their support for our club to continue to play Senior Baseball at Norman Reserve.

The Senior Committee has heard your feedback loud and clear!!!

The Committee is now changing tack to ensure that Senior Baseball remains on Norman Reserve until we have a viable alternative ground with a signed lease!

Phil Robinson

..:: message posted on Tuesday the 4th of September, 2007 23:01:00 ::..

Open Letter to Members

I write to inform you of important decisions made by your Senior Committee earlier tonight in relation to the future of the Sturt Baseball Club. As many members are aware there has been an ongoing issue in relation to how the Club could respond to issues raised by the residents and Mitcham Council in relation to the use of Norman Reserve. This letter to members is also available on our website. A Media Release which will be distributed to all media in South Australia will be issued in the morning.


The Mitcham Council at its meeting on Tuesday 28 August 2007 considered the Sturt Baseball Club application to place nets and other safety measures at Norman Reserve in response to an Audit conducted by Venue Rating Agency (VRA).

The Sturt Baseball Club in good faith responded positively to the audit findings despite the Insurance group advising the club that “VRA did not come to any conclusion that the ground is not safe for baseball to be played - they merely suggested that there are some risk exposures that needed addressing and needed to be confirmed.”

At the Council Meeting held on 28th August 2007, the Council agreed that a Category 1 application to erect the nets could now be made by the Sturt Baseball Club. The conditions for this approval included that until nets were erected that only junior baseball up to the Under 14 age level could be played at Norman Reserve. Council also determined that despite a previous offer of financial assistance to the Club that the cost of these nets would now be at the full cost of the Sturt Baseball Club. The cost is approximately $20,000.

The Senior Committee has sought advice on the Category 1 Development Application which suggests that if the residents were to challenge this Application, an injunction could be made against the Club which if successful would mean that the Club would need to remove the nets which would leave the club with a financial liability of $20,000.

In addition the Council meeting included another clause which indicated that Council would review the effectiveness of the nets in six month.

Mr Tony Catt, Senior Coach indicated that discussions with Council on Wednesday 29th August 2007 suggested that it would be unlikely that the Council would renew the club lease to play at Norman Reserve after the Club’s current lease expires in 2011.

Decisions by Senior Committee

The Sturt Baseball Club Senior Management Committee met on Thursday 30th August to consider these matters. Club President Mr Phil Robinson indicated that the view of the Management Committee was that the financial risk to the club was too great to consider placing the nets on the ground and therefore with great sadness had come to the conclusion that senior baseball can no longer be played at Norman Reserve.

Mr Robinson said that the Club was now working with the South Australian Baseball League to reschedule all senior games to alternative venues for the 2007/08 season which was now one month away. In addition the Australian Masters Games which were scheduled to be played at Norman Reserve in October will now need to find an alternative venue. The Bridgewater Bulls Baseball Team which has played at Norman Reserve on many years will also have to find a new home.

Mr Robinson further indicated that this decision could have major implications for sport in South Australia. I am sure if every sporting ground in South Australia was assessed professionally for risks there would be few grounds which would not have some risks that needed to be addressed. As most Amateur clubs have little money, Mr Robinson felt that there could be many other sporting clubs that could be put into the same predicament as the Sturt Baseball Club.

Mr Robinson said that it was ironic that it was becoming more difficult to play sport when in fact there was now a world wide epidemic of obesity and people were being encouraged to play sport. Mr Robinson added that there would be a loss of revenue to the club in excess of $15,000 due to no senior games being played at the Club. Mr Robinson indicated that the Club was working with the South Australian Baseball League, the Mitcham Council and South Australian Department of Recreation and Sport to find a new home ground for this proud club which will be celebrating its centenary in 2008.

The Sturt Baseball Club Senior Committee has resolved at its meeting of 30th August 2007:

1. that the Club will not pursue the erection of indoor batting tunnels previously proposed and currently before the ERD Court. A letter to the Council advising of this will be forwarded in due course

2. that it will not pursue the extension of the backstop, the erection of the temporary netting on the left field line and the extension of the western boundary fence

3. Senior Division 1, 2 and Under 18 will all be played as away games this season
4. Little League and Under 14 will be played at Norman Reserve in line with the Council resolutions to allow this level of baseball to be played without additional safety precautions

5. Training sessions will continue as normal with Seniors training at Norman Reserve, subject to the erection of temporary cages for contained batting practice. Juniors will train at either Flinders University of Norman Reserve as per normal

6. Under 16 and Senior Divisions 3-6 will be played at Flinders University

7. the Sturt Baseball Club will vigoursly pursue sourcing an alternative home ground for the 2008/09 season and beyond

8. the Club has informed the Bridgewater Bulls that they will not be able to play baseball at Norman Reserve in the future

9. the Masters Games scheduled for October 2008 will now not be played at Sturt. The Masters organizers have been informed of this decision

10. the Sturt Baseball Club to seek financial compensation from the Mitcham Council in relation to the Clubrooms the club have built on Norman Reserve at the time of the Club moving to a new location. The Club will seek an independent valuation on the value of the Clubrooms to ascertain fair market value

Phil Robinson

..:: message posted on Thursday the 30th of August, 2007 23:42:16 ::..

Week 21 Results

For all results and tables go to www.sa.baseball.com.au or visit the Sturt Website at Sturt Web Site

Thursday Night Meals

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At Woodville at 11am

At Sturt at 1:00 pm

At West Torrens Eagles Ground A at 10am

Under 16 Sturt
The Under 16 team scored a fantastic last innings victory courtesy of a hit to Max Remfrey This was a true team performance with everyone contributing and giving 100% for the whole game. We have a rematch against Woodville this weekend in the Grand Final and after getting a good look at them in the first final the boys will be confident of scoring a win. We go into the grand final as underdogs against the undefeated Woodville side but pressure is a funny thing and we will be giving this game a big shake. Good luck to Jeff and Bones with their Grand Finals.

Under 14/1 Sturt
Sturt came from behind to snatch a 7-6 win over East Torrens. The win sets up a grand final showdown against West Torrens at Sturt next Sunday. Sean Lamonby hit two home runs in a stand-out performance. Win or loose this Sunday, these guys have had a wonderful season and would love to see a big crowd at home this Sunday 1pm.
Hits: Lamonby 3 (2 HR's), Brebner-Russ 2, Young, Papps, Wood, Nicholas.

Under 14/2 Sturt
We headed out to Illyarrie Reserve to face GGCD in the Preliminary Final. We had played them 3 times during the season and lost on each occasion,but they were close games and I felt this time we were due. We scored 3 in the first and used up 40 pitches. We quickly gave 3 runs back but crucially only used 28 pitches. This was one key as Adam Hofmeyer threw 4 and a third very good innings whilst their starter was gone in the second. It was in that second inning that we batted around and scored 7 runs to give ourselves the best possible chance. In fact we scored in every inning which will give confidence in our bats for next week. Spiro Rozaklis had 3 hits, Kane Mattsson a double and 3 walks, Joel Grantham 2 hits and 3 walks and Adam 3 hits. Martin Kimber pitched out the game in fine fashion and I must make mention of Tayler Hutchins behind the plate. He did not allow a pass ball the entire game, took a tremendous running catch in foul territory and started a run down play that claimed the out. Thanks to the Blanks family for coming out to support us even though Tyler had 18 stitches in his knee. The final score was 17-11. We play West Torrens in the GF on Sunday, they have some good pitching and some good hitting but they are beatable. LET'S GO GET 'EM BOYS !!!
Best of luck to Tony's and Jeff's teams.

..:: message posted on Sunday the 25th of March, 2007 09:15:52 ::..

Week 20 Results

For all results and tables go to www.sa.baseball.com.au or visit the Sturt Website at Sturt Web Site

Thursday Night Meals

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Division 1
We played Golden Grove in our final game of the season and as bad as we were last week, we were as good this week. The attitude to the game was as good as it has been for the whole season. The final score was a 7-4 win. I was really proud of the players effort in this game considering there was nothing on the line for either team apart from pride. Every player that turned up came prepared to play and it showed. The voice and enthusiasm was as good as it could be. Every player including the bench players played their part. Tom Winter was outstanding on the mound for the first 6 innings and then relieved by Ben Packer for the last 3 innings. The pitchers did their job and the fielders played their part by making some outstanding defensive plays. The offensive side was really impressive with nearly every player picking up at least 1 hit. The players have learnt their responsibilities as a hitter don’t just rely on getting a safe hit, it may mean you need to move a runner across or put a sacrifice bunt down to help set up the next hitter. We are on the right track as a club. Every team in the bottom 5 above us all had at least 1 import, most had 2. We have done the hard yards, now with a bit of help from outside whether that means an import or fringe players from other clubs we can start to make our move up the ladder. The coming years should be an exciting time for the club, we need to keep the nucleus together and then strengthen from outside. The players realize they need to get stronger and that comes from a solid and long preseason. It has been a long season but I still feel there have been more positives than negatives.

Under 16 Sturt
The game we had been anticipating all season finally occurred against a very talented Woodville lineup. The boys played an excellent game and heading into the 5th inning the game was 1-0 in Woodvilles favour. Unfortunately the bats didn’t get going and we went down 5-0 but we aren’t far away from matching it with this team. We face West Torrens this week in a must win game. The Sturt boys are up to the challenge and should be tough to beat.

..:: message posted on Friday the 16th of March, 2007 22:05:10 ::..

Week 19 Results

For all results and tables go to www.sa.baseball.com.au or visit the Sturt Website at Sturt Web Site

Thursday Night Meals

Just a reminder to the club that meals are available every Thursday night at the club!
Make sure you come down and support the club and catch up with everyone.

Sturt Merchandise

We have a number of items available such as Polo Shirts and Bucket Hats - see Dave behind the bar to order yours!

Division 1
A very disappointing game and final score line of 13-0 loss against east Torrens. We were comprehensively outplayed and looked as though we could not wait for the season to finish. There were no positives to come out of the game and a lot of the great work we had done in the 2nd half of the season was undone in the one game.

Division 2
No Report

Division 3
No Report

Division 4
No Report

Division 5
Not a good way to finish the year but we had a bit of fun. Down 6 regular players we played second place Southern Districts down there. We got off to a great start scoring the first few runs but the drought set in and there bats came alive. Rick Trembath started well on the mound and the Pres came in to relieve they swung the bat well and pilled on 19 runs. Our commitment was there with Glen Young smashing his face on the home run fence and in doing so may have broken his jaw and Knocking himself out for a few seconds .Most players collected hits but on the day didn’t quite have it. It was an enjoyable year in the 5s although we didn’t play to our potential .I think next year we have a team that may be pushing for a finals spot. Thanks to the 15 guys on our roster for the fun year and to all the wives and kids that scored and laughed on the sidelines.

Division 6
No Report

Under 18
No Report

Under 16 Sturt
Under 16 Division 1 Sturt Faced up against the Sturt Blues side and were under the pump after 3 innings with the scoreline at 2-0. Finally the boys woke up and got the bats warmed up, running out comfortable victors. Well done to Pat Burns and Daniel Lee on the mound. Also a special mention to Beau Pelgrim with the bat – he is having a sensational year and hopefully he can keep this form going in the finals.

Under 16 Saints
For the final match of the year the team had a good time and played some new positions. Hugh used up the pitches he had left from his previous game, Seb and Tom took turns catching and the outfielders and infielders mixed it up. While we went down in a big way everyone learned something and none of the boys were embarrassed. Our batting was, as always the biggest area for improvement. Several of the guys had good hits, but we couldn’t string it together. Thanks to all of the boys for their efforts over the year. Thanks also to the parents who have helped out with scoring, umpiring, pitch counts and making up for my lousy managing skills. See you all next season.

Under 16 Blues
The blues lost to Tony’s boys on the weekend, a win was always going to be a big ask but to be down only 2-0 after three innings was a positive accomplishment and showed that the boy’s were not intimidated by an undefeated side and really believed they could be competitive. Jay Lunnon started well keeping them off balance with intelligent pitching that is fast becoming his trademark. Unfortunately we strung together some errors and Sturt took advantage of this to open up the score in the 4th inning. We restored some pride in the last inning as Kyle Larson and Tom Teague took advantage of their outfields shallow placement and came up with back to back extra base hits to get us on the scoreboard. Hugh Wirth did a commendable job at his first stint on the mound this year and Haydn Pocock collected a scalp with a great throw to second assisted by Hugh’s tag. Thanks to Bradley Baldwin for helping out and collected a safe hit, he should be looking forward to a solid year in 2007/8. Jarrad Pearce also bagged a hit and did his usual solid job behind the plate. Thanks to all the parents for your GREAT SUPPORT throughout the year!

Under 14/1 Sturt
No Report

Under 14/1 Saints
We had it up against us from the start with only 7 players from our usual team, and thanks to 2 under 12 players we made the bare 9. Dylan Holt did an excellent job on the mound for the first 3 digs throwing plenty of strikes. Jack Goldsworthy followed with some good work. Brett Mulryan did a great job all day behind the plate. The play of the day went to Michael O Connor, who took a great catch at center field , then threw to first catching the base runner asleep for a double play. Hamish Straatman was strong in the field. Safe hits to Bradley Trembath, Jack Colmer, Michael O Connor and Brett Mulryan. A special mention to our 2 under 12 fill ins, Jordan McArdle and Jayden Trembath who both did a great job and made it on base once and twice respectively. Well done to all players and despite the loss, we showed we have some great baseball talent at the club.

Under 14/1 Blues
With a chance to make the finals our last game against Adelaide was crucial and a must win. E got of to a good start scoring the first 2 runs. Dakota kept there bats quiet early until the second innings where they scored 6 from some errors in the field. The game was looking lost then the boys rallied to score 3 making it a 6-5 game. A terrible decision on one of our batters ended a strong rally where we had runners on second and third and this really took the sting out of the game. Jordan Wayne pitched beautifully for most of the game not allowing the Angels to score from his pitching. Great hitting from Macca Dakota and Michael Gray kept us in the game. A great play from Jess Lemon at second base was a highlight. Alex Martins did a great job at first base. This was a disappointing way to finish the year. We were able to match it with all teams and I am sure there are a few teams in the finals that are glad we are not there. This team has 7 players able to play under 14s next year and if I were in another club beware as these guys have got a hunger to succeed in 08. Thanks to all the parents who have helped in the many ways they do as they have made this year a lot of fun. To Lewis, Josh and Alex all the best next year in under 16s.

Under 14/2 Sturt
Our last regular season game was a vast improvement on our previous two. We still lost the game but it was important to rebuild our confidence leading into the finals. We scored 3 times in the top of the first but some fielding and throwing mishaps in the middle stages saw us down 8 - 14 going into the last inning. We rallied to score seven runs and take the lead but were unable to hold on. It was great to see the positive batting again,we just need to lift defensively to really challenge. Final score - Sturt 15-- GGCD 16. Best of luck to all of our finalists.

Under 12/1 Sturt
1 played 2 in the first of the top 6 finals format, meaning we were up against our old foes West Torrens. Prior to this game we went 5 all and then 6-5 down with them. I'm pleased to say the story this time when it counts most was very much in our favour knocking them over 13-4. This now places us in a good spot to play home finals as well. In regards to the game I must say the boys put to gether their best performance of the year with everyone doing their bit. We were well in control on the mound with Harrison Lightbody and Sam Roberts both dominating proceedings. Our hitting was our strength, with virtually all players taking to their top line pitchers and knocking the ball around the park. Particular mention must go to Sam Myers who is just smoking everything that comes his way out at the moment and his outfield work is superb, well done Sam. Next week we play a home final and if successful go to the the Grand Final more than likely up against West Torrens again. The boys are up to the challenge, but we play one week at a time, and in junior baseball a lot of things can change in a week or two.

..:: message posted on Thursday the 8th of March, 2007 23:44:15 ::..

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